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We ordered 2 phones online from Sam's Club mobile on 9/19/11. The 1st shipment of phones was "lost by FedEx" I called Sam's Club Mobile's customer service - which is located in the Philippines & Manilla. They tell me I need to file a complaint with FedEx - FedEx says the shipper needs to file the complaint. After about 10 phone calls to Sam's Customer Service, Sam's says they can file the complaint with FedEx but that I have to wait 28 days for them to send me new phones or that I can pay $800 to have new phones shipped to me. I finally get a hold of a manager and they say they need to contact a manager in "pacific time" aka the US. After call them everyday, they finally agree to ship me new phones without charging me the $800.

So my new phones get shipped on 10/12/11, I receive them on 10/13/11. One of the phones works for a week and then won't turn on. I call and they said, sorry your 30 day trial period is up, we can't do anything. The trial period being the DAY you place the order (which was 9/19/11). So now I am put on hold so they can check if they can extend my trial period. They can extend it for 5 days, but it will take them 4 days to send me the return label and 2 days for it to get shipped back to them. Apparently 4+2 = 5? So I point this out and now I have to wait another day for a US manager to approve extending the trial past 5 days. I do not get a phone back, but receive the return label 4 days later.

I return the phone and "live chat" with them and they said it was put in the system as a return, not an exchange so they can not send me a new phone. Almost 6 weeks later, I am still waiting for a phone and of course I am still waiting for someone to call me back.

Please do not order from Sam's Club Mobile - their prices might be cheap, but your time is more valuable and their customer service is AWFUL!! I have never wrote a bad review on-line, but I feel as though others should know about this so they don't end up wasting as much time as I did and have to live with the stress of not having a functioning phone.

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