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I purchased a laptop computer from Sams in August of 2009 after comparing warranty policies of Staples, Sams and Costco. I did have a value membership at Sams so this added one additional year to the warranty that I purchased and was told by the associates at 2 stores that if anything happened to the computer within the 4 years...1 year manufactures warranty, 2 years purchased for $59.95, and one additional year for being a valued member that they would either replace the computer or write me a check. Fast forward to February 11, 2011 and I have a large project where I need to burn disc and there are several problems with the HP Laptop one of with the burner is not working, the mouse button is loose and the curser will sometimes, not always jump all over the page. Long story short I take the computer to my local Sams Store and was informed that is not the way the policy works. I have to call up a number and make arrangements.

I explained that I was told something different when I bought the computer and she said that was a different store and she did not know about what that store said. I explained to the lady at what was titled Customer Service (NOT) that I had ask at this store the question about the warranty knowing what Staples and Costco's have for Warranties and was told the computer would be replaced. I realize that the policy changed sometime but this computer was purchased before that date.

She did not care and told one of the other ladies to Call up for me. I explained I was not that *** and could place the call but this was not what I was told that the computer would be replaced.

I returned home and called the number, yes I could send the computer in and "IF" nothing major was wrong the computer would be gone for 7 to 10 days. I use this computer every day and it has 3 things wrong with it and one of the reasons I have not delt with this problem earlier is I cannot be without the computer for 7 to 10 days.

I AM WRITTING THIS AS A WARNING TO ANYONE ELSE NOT TO PURCHASE THE POLICIES FROM SAMS CLUB EXTENDED WARRANTIES. As you read through complaints you will realize if you send your computer in to be repaired you might see if in 10 days but it probably will not be fixed. And who can be without their work computer for 10 days?

Good luck Buyer bewares if you decide to buy a computer from SAMS

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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What was the name of the Sam's Club electronic Insurance Company? I'm having an issue and I will I'm feeling that it might not get resolved.

They go through a company now call SquareTrade however when I purchased my TV it was through another insurance company called new. I can't find any information on this company and I also paid $59.95 for 2 year plan. They told me I had a one year manufacturer's warranty then my two year plan will kick in after. So that's a total of 3 years and I'm two and a half years in on my plan.

My TV doesn't work and I just want it fixed but they're having me go and try to find this company's contact information. I'm mad


I am sorry I do not remember the name of the company but I am fairly certain it was not Square Trade.

I have had several policies with Square Trade through several other big box stores and they have always repaired or replaced the products.

I think they should be able to tell you who the policy was through and I really think my local Sams Club has been using Square Trade for the last 4 or 5 years.


Buying a gadget on sale is surely a good deal but purchasing it with warranty protection plan will make you feel safer on your purchase.


Just wondering if your computer was a HP g7-1167dx Notebook PC? You obviously had done your research before purchasing, The people who do the selling and especially if their on commission treat you like the only customer in the world before before you slide your card.

After that, they don't care if you drop dead outside the store walking to your car! I have an impulse control disorder that I take meds for and its kept in check under normal conditions. When I am in a situation such as yours, there aren't enough meds to keep me from freaking out, Not that I have any control over it, when I'm being cheated, and lied to"I LOOSE it" right in the store, attracting attention from everyone within a 10 mile radius. I usually end up being satisfied before I leave.

Even though I really have no control what I say, it is always the truth and accurate. I don't wish this condition on anyone, but my point is that it usually comes to this behavior because you are being told by some punk who doesn't want to be bothered, that there is nothing they can do. I say YES there is something they can do, and there going to do it. Most of these retail stores, just expect people to expect being walked over, and cower when they are told its not there problem, or hand you a number to call.

As far as consumer protection, this might sound funny, but EBAY's consumer support department is better than any store I've ever dealt with.

Next time your pushed, push back 10 times harder, the other customers in the computer dept. would consider it a favor to hear how they handle customer problems on big ticket items.


I had the same problem. I sent it back 3 times and it took a month every time.

The last repair was done well but I happen to notice that all the repaired parts installed were generic.

The beats audio and AMD video chipset were not installed as if a generic motherboard with generic chipsets such as the standard Intel video chipset appear has the hardware. Do not buy a Laptop from Sams.


thanks for the warning. now use your computer to learn to write coherent paragraphs and even just sentences.


Pot calling the kettle black....your punctuation and grammar are atrocious.



You really expect a new laptop 3 years later... Get real.

Send it in for repair annd quit whining

A three year old laptop is out of date, and due to be replaced anyway.


I am now dealing with Sam's club service agreement and I am not liking it. I have sent it 3 times and it froze (problem all 3 times) after an hour of use after they "repaired" it the third time.

They don't seem to have real experts fixing computers but a bunch of kids that follow some diagnosing punch list. The have wiped the hard drive twice even though it is not a software problem. The video chipset is bad and everybody knows it. It is a lemon and instead of just refunding my money, they are making me go through all the motions (delay tactics).

Every time they take longer to send me the box, and longer to get me the laptop. I am glad I purchased the warranty (I thing) even though it has been a royal pain. I just want my money back, but they have the option of sending me a refurbish laptop instead. That sucks because they can send me another one like it and if the new one has problems, I am up the creek...

Most HP's DV7 have video problems.

Many people are having problems with these laptops. Stay away from DV7's.


*** off mallylin


I'm sorry that you were misinformed by the associate that sold you the service agreement. But as service agreements go Sam's actually has a pretty good setup.

The hard drive in my laptop broke, they sent me a prepaid shipping box and I had the laptop back fully repaired in 3 days. Most warrantys, like the ones from major computer brands require you to pay for shipping to them. Not having my computer during that time was a pain, but it was better than me spending well over the cost of the service agreement to replace the part myself.

And the lemon policy that the associate was referring to, is that if they have to replace the same part 3 times they will replace/refund your purchase. A friend of mine sent in his tv that had been discontinued after he had purchased it, since they couldn't replace the part that was broken they refunded his purchase.


Your laptop plan is a great deal. If you read your paperwork/brochure, there is no mention of replacing.

They are and always have been repair plans - at prices ridiculously lower than everyone else. The employees, unlike at consumer electronics stores, don't lie, they are just uninformed.


Never buy an extended warranty from Sams or anywhere else. The companies they contract lose money everytime they honor an agreement so they simply will not do it.


sam's doesn't sell warranties ~ only SERVICE AGREEMENTS. :cry


just read your warranty papers, it has everything you need to know, and always be updated on it....common sense....policies always change...check up on that, call if you have to! and they even post the 90 day warranty in store.