Los Angeles, California

They were rude and unprofessional they need to improve their customer service. Who hires these people?

Better yet where to do they their people from. They said that you have to be a member more than a year in order for you to pay with a ck that is worth 100 and up. That is the BS. I also checked their website and it does not say anything about making payments with a ck.

I think it was a racial profile. I emailed them regarding my complaint and I am waiting for their response. I told my friends and family and posted it on facebook, myspace.


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This Sams Club in Butler PA is the worst I've ever seen. They constantly have long lines and the management does nothing.

I've never seen a manager jump on a register to help. If you see them at all, they are in the snack bar talking or texting.

The casiers look like they all hate their jobs!

I am going to contact my local union rep to get authorization cards to start passing out. The employees say if you aren't young and pretty you just can't get a manager to help!


What??? You stop shopping at places that you cant have it your way.

I bet your job have rules also.. do you stop working.

grow up Sam's is tired of lazy people that buy something and too STUIPD to know how to use it. NO IT NOT BROKEN, you are just too *** to use it.


wow.. you guys are special, they will take check acceptance is not something that they would post online.

they will take checks if it is over 100 dollars but must be approved by a supervisor. As far as business accounts. if your card says MUST PAY WITH BUSINESS CHECK ONLY.. well guess what?

you MUST PAY WITH BUSINESS CHECK ONLY... what is so hard about that? its in big bold letters. and to squigly..

why would you go to sams club for that?

go to the bank. that's what it's for.


I think Sams is a *** place to shop because who thinks there is really a Sam? I mean, there is a book, Sam I am, but a guy named Sam that owns the store.

Come now. for real!

You must be joking.

I took a hundred dollar bill in and asked them to change it into dimes for me and the lady behind the register looked at me like I was from outer space, and I am not, but I am from Oklahoma. Does that make me ***?


To the Original Poster: Was the check a 'starter' check (a check with a check number below 300)? If it was, these checks account for most of the check fraud around and Sam's as well as many retailers restrict them.

To Jim: If you are using a Company card, the payment options are limited, as this is a card you would give to an employee to make a company purchase, you should have a card on it that says Primary, which you can use for personal and business purchases and use cash as well as other payment methods. I apologize if that wasn't explained to you, they should have issued you both cards and explained that to you when you joined.


Ha, I got you beat, They would NOT ACCEPT Cash from me because I was using a business membership. I can not believe any company in America refusing cash in these economic times.... We cancelled the company membership this morning.


They accept checks from white people, so they cant be profiling all races...