Dallas, Texas
Not resolved

It's simple: I ordered a mattress, they said it had shipped and would be delivered soon, it never arrived. I've called customer service at least 10 times. I've spoken with at least three different supervisors, Ruby, Chrystal, and Jessica. They all have different stories every time I call, they never call back, and after nearly a month they haven't done ANYTHING to resolve my problem.

All they do is tell me they are going to call the supplier or that they are going to e-mail the supplier. Chrystal even told me once that she had talked to the supplier and that it had now shipped. Gave me new FedEx Tracking number and everything.

But, surprise, surprise! It was never shipped AGAIN! (Is it possible to "not" do something "again?") All they do is print out shipping labels to get a FedEx tracking number, but then they never ship.

It is a despicable, transparent sham! Shame on you, Sam's Club!

The worst part is that it's for my 11 year old son who has been looking forward to his new bed. I get tracking info with a delivery date, I tell him, then it doesn't show up. I get a new tracking number and delivery date, I tell him, it doesn't show again. Now he thinks I'm lying to him Sam's has made me a liar to my son. Thanks, Sam's.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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