Madison, Wisconsin

I worked at sam's club for just a few short months, and in those months I was pretty much harassed by my supervisors for needing to get upgrades, credits and renewals. If they don't like how you sell these things, or you don't sell enough, they give what's called a "coaching" (pretty much means your getting written up) after three coaches you're fired.

Not having a job, is much more simple than having to work with this company. They do not care if you have kids and they are sick. They give no room for calling in about those things. Usually if you work half your shift you can leave without getting in trouble, but when I did it it was because my daughter was not breathing well on her own and I needed to take her to the hospital, and even though I worked half my shift, I still got an unexcused.

This is an absolute horrible place to work.

They really could give two craps about their employees. Seriously.

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Welcome to the real world. This is what its like having a job.

It is going to be the same anywhere else. I find it fascinating that you feel the need to tell us that if you get three coachings you get fired.

As if it is not like that where ever you go. If you are looking for an excuse to not have a job this isn't it.


There is more to the reason you got an unexcused absence. It might have been a little before half your shift was up. They wouldn't just single you out for unfair treatment, unless there was a good reason.