Johnstown, Pennsylvania

I recently received a very disturbing phone call from a source who I will keep private, descrbing to me the doctor at my local sam's club in altoona, PA had broken my confidentiality. I was informed that she had been talking about my personal life/information to another patient.

The doctor at sam's club used slanderous language against me and I was told about this from numerous sources. I am thinking about suing Sam's club for breach of confidentiality and breaking the HIPPA act. I have also been informed of other patient's confidentiality being broken, and they are also planning on taking legal action.

This needs to stop! I will contact the corporate company and keep fighting until justice is served!

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Ha ha you don't get to sue. No payday for you.

You thought you had a bright idea but then you found out that they are not Sam's Club associates. Even if you did sue it would take 25 years even if you won.


The Dr is not a Sam's Club employee. Personal life?

like oh this person likes to do this? wouldn't believe how this women *** around town, this women insists something is wrong with her when there is nothing wrong... I think if the dr talked about this in a general conversation without giving your name or personally identifiable information, would be no harm to you.

If your friend puts 2 and 2 together and guesses your the crazy the dr is speaking of..well that's still nothing. Your very vague in your post and I think you have no grounds except tooting your horn.


No one is correct in that sam's club is only renting out the space to the doctors. Also why the *** would anyone go to a doctor in a sam's club... thats like going to the optometrist at wal-mart.


the doctors at sams don't work for them the just get space from sams clb so they are a tenet so sams club has no responsibility for the doctor