Went to the Allentown sam's and to the Wilkes-barre sam's.That's 38 miles one way for us,at either store just to get there and they never have the same products,NEVER!!!!! always out or changing them,or prices keep going up!!!what the hek is that?

we pay $40.dollars a year for that?!It sure is'nt worth it anymore,if stinks!!to go that far for such a disappointment and nothing!!!No regular colgate toothpaste,no regular listerine,no more boxes of slim jim,s.Price of honey is up among alot of other things.What,s up with that??

we are ready to cancel are membership!We did do alot of shopping there,but it not worth our while! Jane+Dave Franko

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #177100

You children need to learn that they only order things that sell and they make a profit on, and this price going up is called inflation.


Same problem here at Minnesota Sam's locations. I asked two store managers why selection and price are different at local Sam's Clubs.

They both said each store manager decides what to carry, and apparently can decide pricing as well. Not a good policy, in my opinion...

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