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Never order from Sam's Club online. On Nov. 27th, I ordered a laptop from Sam's Club online. On Nov. 29th, I received a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. The tracking information has never moved beyond the "label printed" stage. I contacted customer service today to determine if I would receive the laptop before Christmas. Representative checked and advised me that the laptop has been out of stock since October. I'm shocked that they sold me a laptop that they don't even have. The representative even told me that I might not ever receive the order. When I asked why it wasn't listed as out of stock. The representative advised that they don't update their computer system. I asked for a refund. I was told she would have to refer the matter to another department and I needed to call back in 2 days to request a refund.

The whole situation is fraudulent and deceitful. They sold me an item they knew they did not have in stock and billed my credit card. They also sent me out a shipping confirmation email making me believe my laptop was on the way. Thank goodness I'm always checking the status of my expected shipments. I checked online today and they are still taking orders for this exact laptop.

Horrible way to treat customers around the holiday. Now they have my money and I have no laptop for my daughter. Never again will I do business with Sam's Club online.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. My credit card company gives 90 days to dispute.

Again Sam's Club online SUCKS!