The reps for the collectors are in Jamacia and you can not understand a word they say. They have called my home at least 2 times a day after being told several times of our circumstances.

Sams Club and Walmart outsource their credit card to GE Money who outsources to Alliance One. THis is why so many Americans do not have jobs-so BOYCOTT SAMS CLUB AND WALMARTS. This has become a real hight mare for me and if I can, I want every one to stop shopping at the above referenced stores.

And do not use a GE MONEY BANK card for anything.

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Clover, South Carolina, United States #1216601

Welcome to the USA , they are not in Jamacia just sounds like it


Think you are related to Sam's Club; Wal-Mart? Not everything about Sam's Club is 100% good!

Is it wrong to purchase items from Sam's Club?

...and still be billed? It's not fair at all.


Sounds like if Ge is outsourcing with another company outside of the U.S. you should be more upset at them than Sam's Club.

Sam's Club is a great place. If you would pay your bills, you wouldn't have a reason to be a pissed consumer. I realize in these economic times, things get tight, but come on, don't blame an entire company because of your shortcomings.

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club has saved my family over $5000 this year.

We do price comparisons on just about everything we buy from groceries to electronics and we've only requested a price match 3 times in which they politely honored. I say complaint unwarranted!

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