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Be Very Fearful of spending your hard earned money to pay for a sams club membership. Walmart is just as bad !

They Do Not care about their members !

I recently made the Mistake of ordering some merchandise through sams club .com. I was sent the wrong items and there were no instructions to another part of the order and worst yet was it was missing the warranty card. You can not find any information on the internet as to whom the manufacturer is and Customer Service (thats a joke) they shouldn't even be considered to have ANY - it is Truly Non Exsistant.

I spent in excess of 8 hours trying to rectify their shortcomings of my order and got no where fast after being passed around in their cespool of routing numbers and put on hold.

Don't expect to hear from a supervisor, I waited 3 days and just got lip service from one of the floor managers who told me it was my choice to call so much and waste my time and phone charges.

I even attempted to contact corporate headquarters and asked to speak to someone in Mr. McMullins office - The CEO of Sams in AK. 479-277-7000

They do not care and only pass you off to some customer service agent while you wait on hold.

I ended up bringing everything back to a local store which was an hour drive for me only to find out they do not refund all your money from a samsclub.com order, they will not give you back the shipping costs you paid even though its their error. The Customer Looses!

Corporate does not care Customer Service is Non Exsistant.

I cancelled my membership and this in turn caused a chain reaction of membership cancelations within my family and 3 of my neighbors who commented they Stink.

Don't give a company your hard earned money to only be treated like a piece of disposable garbage. They Don't Care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Sams club cannot refund the shipping costs. You have to call the people that handle the website because shipping is separate from your merchandising purchases. I have had maybe 2 problems with an online order and this was explained to me. I am a lawyer for a firm in Chicago and it's best to read the terms of service and help section of websites before you make a purchase. Their website clearly gives instruction as to what you need to do for your refunds.

It's sad that most of the complaints we read on sites like this come from people not taking the steps necessary to protect themselves. We become like children and throw fits because we can't get our way.

I have had run ins with a couple Sam's Club employees and you have to remember that these people are human too and there will be *** In each situation, club management handled the matters professionally and I even got $50 out of the deal for my inconvenience.

One thing I can truly say about Sam's Club and Wal-Mart is that they do care about member satisfaction. You just need to know who to talk to.


I love Sam's . I have bought only one bad thing there and that was a Japanese style wooden gazebo that is falling apart.

I have gotten some great deals at Sam's over the years. The gazebo is one exception and I paid full price for that. You really can find some great things there.

Wal Mart is the store that I detest going in . Though they are owned by the same parent company.


You can't tell me where to shop and where not to shop, it's a free country and I can shop where I want to.