This morning I had to run to Sams early to pick up several items. When I got to the counter at 9:45 they would t ring me out because I was not a business.

They wanted to upgrade my memebership on the spot for an additional 60 dollars. Despite telling the clerk I should have been stopped at the door if I was not allowed in before 10:00 AM. The door personnel are like zombies not even looking at the cards they are being shown.

That is the end of my SAMS membership. I will now buy only from COSCO

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Ok, someone is actually complaining that they don't pay attention to what is going on around them. During business only hours the door in is the exit and they have a big sign out saying they are open for only business and plus members.

So not only did you tune out and walk in the exit door you missed the huge sign.

The door person can't catch everything especially since all cards are very similar. This is your fault not Sams Club.


wow tasha your a stuck up ***


I was thinking of getting a Sam's Club membership card, but after reading all this, especially if you are an employee of Sam's Club, I certainly won't. Wow, no wonder Sam's club has so many complains.

Look at you... Learn some customer skills.


i work for sams club & that is not true !


I have both business and personal club accounts. The cards are exactly alike, unless the person takes it from you to read the card closely they are not going to know. :roll


Good luck shopping at Costco... they don't even open their doors till 10:00.


Next time you go shopping else where make sure you take someone who does know how to read not like you. Every sams has their business hours posted as well u can find it on the membership. Good luck going to cosco lol FYI is spell Costco learn to read and spell.


Loser, if you had read your agreement before becoming a member you would have known this and been able to avoid the problem entirely. But you are too lazy and want things to be spoonfed to you like a little baby.

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