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I called Samsclub credit because I wanted to get the buyout on my room mates credit card to consolidate. I was told by the man on the Phone that I would receive a $100 gift certificate,since I am calling Samsclub I told him I don't want to buy anything he said,oh no you don't have to buy anything.

I was told it was from USA Benefits promotions department.The agent informed me that all I had to do was answer a few questions. He then added that, I HAD TO SAY YES TO ALL OF THEM! I didn't catch on then.He said I would have to pay for shipping the gift card to me .I answered can I use my Sams Club Card? answer no, only a visa or mastercard.

for $3.00 and change. I gave the numbers all the while saying I don't want to have buy anything. I was then told I had to verify. recording came on and I was asked simple questions until I was asked do I agree to except hydrolyze products I said no.

he came on the phone stopped the recording. I was told that I have to say yes . I hung up the phone. I was called back,told that if I didn't proceed He already had my card numbers and was going to charge me anyway and when the stuff arrived I wouldn't have the numbers to cancel,plus when the gift card did arrive I wouldn't be able to use it,I had no confirmation.

He called me back three times and each time the recording wanted me to agree to more things, finally I had enough. I was on the phone long enough to acquire two of the numbers to call and cancel before I said forget this it is a bunch of *** or something to that effect nothing to profane . Since he has the recording have him produce it . You will find me quite perturbed by his telling me he would use my card with out my permission.

It started out my trying to get the payout for my bill and ended up fighting for my credit,this is such unfair business I am thinking about posting on the web, let the world know. I might even call a news station and let them air a segment.

I am waiting till friday and if I don't get any satisfaction all bets are off.His name he said was Shawn Williams,employee# 12988. all who read this beware.

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