Phoenix, Arizona

I was shopping with my oldest son at the Sam's club in north scottsdale. My son has been employed for 13 years with sams and has a stellar work record.

As i come out of one of the aisles 4 associates are standing around and talking to my son telling him they were surprised to see him they were told him and another associate had been fired. I saw the stunned look on his face and I suddenly became outraged. I explained that their conversation was not appropriate and could be deemed as harrassment and creating a hostile work environment. They violated his rights to confidentiality and the rights of 1 33year associate as well.

One of the women said oh lets not get upset she would go back to the individual who told her and talk to them. Yeah I was born yesterday like that was going to happen. I was told by my son she was a supervisor and another individual was a supervisor. My son found a manager who was on duty who told him that he heard that in the morning and stated not true get back to work and stop gossiping.

I don't want those individuals fired I want those individuals to sit in a room for five minutes with me and hear what I have to say about there wonderful dramatic mean spirited performance.

Never shop Scottsdale Sams Club I will pull our business to COSTCO. I will continue to Tell everyone I know not to shop SAMS CLUB IN SCOTTSDALE.

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Charges should and will be filed against this ***. No one wants a child pedifile working at the same place.

There is word out telling people to stay away from your crazy *** and he is banned from stepping in to any Sams Club ever again. If caught will be arrested for trespassing and being a child *** and exposing himself.


grow up


Quit being a nosey snitch! No one likes a snitch.

Especially coworkers of someone wuss of a kid who can't fight his own battles.

At the very least he should be fired for not being able to fight his own battles. You on the other hand should be banned from the store for being a nosey snitch!