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I was shocked my recent employment interview experience. I had an interview at the Sam's club in Maryland.

I arrived at the interview 30 minutes early. Upon arriving, the interviewer was in the middle of an interview. She proceeds to excuse the other interviewee and tells them that she wanted to interview me first. I walk in and greet the interviewer.

She excuses herself and I don't see her for the next 45 to 50 minutes. When she comes back she apologizes and continues with the interview. The interview starts off telling me what her expecations are from an employee. She then excuses herself again for another 30 minutes.

When she comes back she apologizes again and tells me that she had to help out on the floor. I said that's not a problem. She proceeded to excuse herself about 4 more times. She does not allow me to tell her anything about myself nor my work experience.

She then continues the interview by saying that I'd be working outside as a lot attendant. I said that's fine. She said lot attendants are NOT to enter the store for any reason...rain, sleet or snow only to use the bathroom facility. I said they can't enter the store at all?

She said absolutely not! I said okay that's not a problem. I finally found a gap in the interview where I could finally tell her about my work experience and tell her how this would be suitable for the current recruiting opportunity. I was in shock because I've never experienced anything like this before.

I thought this manager was very unprofessional and unexperienced.

I would like to suggest that Sam's Club get some kind of professional/leadership/managerial training for all managers. This was really an odd job interview experience...Puzzled interviewee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

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I know what you mean. I have had a few of those in my lifetime.

But you need to keep in mind what you think of her is not important. The fact is that she has the final word on who she hires.

And depending on how bad you needed that job complaining on the internet is not going to get you the job. If that is not the place you want to work just say thank you but this job is not for me and leave.