Easton, Pennsylvania
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I went to exchange a pair of gloves I just bought less than 20 minutes ago from Sam's Club because I noticed there was a tear in the side of it when I got to my car. I went though the store doors, got the return sticker, and stood at the customer service line.

The woman working at the desk refused to give me a refund, telling me it was impossible even though I had a receipt and everything. I didn't want trouble so I was going to leave with a pair of defective gloves. I thought it would be fine if I just sewed up the tear.

At the exit door I noticed my receipt was GONE. And the woman checking receipts would not let me out even though I had a return sticker on the gloves.

I went back to look for the receipt. It was only a short walk from the customer service desk to the exit, but I couldn't find it. I went back to the customer service lady and asked politely for a reprint so that I could leave with the gloves I came in with. She accused me of switching them with different gloves even though the tear was still there.

It is so sad that there is no trust at all between Sam's club employees and customers. I gave up. The trouble was not worth a $10 pair of gloves.

I put the gloves that I had paid for earlier back on the shelf and left. It was so frustrating talking to the customer service there.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Of course there is no trust between employees and customers. Many customers try everything they can think of to rip them off and scam them many ways.

You may not be a scammer but they can't tell who to trust.

You have your dishonest friends and neighbors to thank for that.

It's too bad but it's a fact of life and always has been. You just can't trust people.