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On 04/27/2014 went to Sam's club for bread and fish - no artisan bread or fresh fish available at all. Pastries were expired and sliced salami, about to expire, was brown-greenish color.

After talking to a manager I learned that in business like that it's hard to control restocking of the store. Returning from the store found out my organic kale mix was to expire next day, 04/28/2014 - actually today, I purchased it for a week and the package was unsealed - somebody already opened it before me. I think this place is a health hazard. I do not think it's a customer's job to check expiration dates and proper packaging.

I was very surprised from the manager's attitude - she really did not care. I told her I was very unsatisfied - she just looked at me blank.

I cannot imagine having service like this in Publix or Costco. When you go to a place like that you expect to buy everything in one place and not to go to other stores to pick up extra items.

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Hello do anyone know of any supermarket or supply chain that wants to get rid of there expired or damaged stock I can help contact me George.starr555@gmail.comI'm also on Gmail Hangouts thanks.


I went to sams club in crystal lake, il and bought “505 Southwestern Mexiwraps, Beef & Cheddar (10 Wraps) $9.98. A couple of days later my wife pulled the box out of the freezer and noticed before opening that the expiration date was from September 2016!

The date that we bought was the second week of January 2018. While we did take back to store I thought that maybe the ink was low on the printer and the 6 was really an 8. The help desk was gonna give us a refund, but then I went back to the freezer and grabbed another box that was clearly 2018, so we just changed out. I then went back to the freezer and looked at the date of another box and again it showed 2016.

There was a guy stock the freezer nearby so I showed him, he was concerned and promptly walked to the help desk with the box. A minute later I saw him walking back to the freezer with the box!

My wife also went to the freezer while I was elsewhere in the store and she saw a box for the same item with an expiration date of 2017, which there is no way of confusing 2017 with 2018. Now we have to make we read the expiration every time we go shopping.


My name is Miguel . I am very sorry to hear what Happen !

It's everybody job that works for Sam's to make sure our members are satisfied with the product or to work with our members to fix any issue that may arise.For the manager to have that attitude or not to try to work with you is very unprofessional and unlock acceptable.

I work at store 6188, and if at anytime you feel we are not treating you professional then please let us know. The member is #1 and we like to keep it that way.


ive been buying from samsclub for our company supplies and vending machines for over a year and recently ive had A LOT of stuff that has been expired for months or about to expire. although they let me return the items no problem its just a mess going back and forth constantly.

sodas, chips, breakfast items, juices you name it ive returned it. i would like to know about costcos expiration dates.


On the flip side of the coin, they usually have 1 or 2 people PER DAY working to keep all the product rotated and restocked... In a fresh food department larger than some regular grocery stores.

As they keep cutting back on managers and pulling employees back to part time, it will get worse. As long as they can show the store saved on wages over the last year, it will keep happening. The employees are just as pissed as you are, but they know that saying anything about it will just lead to their replacement. I was salaried there for 10 years and often found myself rotating product and restocking like it was my first job out of high school because we were unable to staff an area due to the *** up daily hours budgets we were given.

Cutting hours is the universal band aid in the company to control expenses, rather than reviewing what does and doesn't sell and what can be easily and efficiently restocked and rotated.

the company try's to have these massive product presentations that were actually feasible 10 years ago when they had three times as many people on shift at one time.


Ya whatever there are monthly inspections from QPR and yearly inspections from the health department. I am not about to say that Sams Club employees give a *** about doing there jobs but there are safeguards to prevent what you are describing.

Go ahead and call the health inspector. Do you know how many retaliation calls they get because people didn't get something for nothing? Yours won't work either. Do call though the health inspector like to get calls that they will roll there eyes at and ignore.

You are not the first and you won't be the last. You are not a special or unique snowflake.


Ya no, green rotting meat on the shelves doesn't happen in real life. Between QPR and the health inspector they would have been nailed for that.

If you are going to lie you should tell a believable lie.

I have no doubt the manager paid little concern to your complaint.

I bet the manger didn't believe you either and just waited for you to leave. The blank look was the "I'm not giving you anything." look.


well - they agreed the meet looks disgusting - next time I will call Health department if going there again. and expired pastries - i dreamed too?

you should not really be so disrespectful to people you do not know. the location of club explains it though...


Sams like other stores is out to make a profit. If leaving expired food out for you to buy doesn't get them in trouble they will continue to leave out expired food for you to buy.

No punishment means you will always have to look at the dates.

I often move aside 4-6 outdated products to get to a good dated product and never mind about telling anyone at these stores they do not care you can call, post to facebook, tell a mananager, and still the next time you will go shopping you will still see outdated products and still have to search for a good dated product. If it is done on purpose shame on them!!!!


It is too the customer's job to check expiration dates on the products that they buy. Customers are always rearranging things on the shelves, thus making it hard for the employees to make sure things are rotated as they should be.