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I must say, I am a very unhappy customer. I'm to the point now, that I will never buy another product thru Sam's Club.

We bought a washer in December 2009 on sale. When we purchased such a large appliance we decided to get the "extended warranty".

Fast Forward to 2 weeks ago....

Washing machine wouldn't turn on. We got online and was booted out of the "help area" twice. So we call. We got disconnected after being on hold for at LEAST 20 minutes THREE times. Finally get to speak with someone who tells us they will have a repairman out on Tuesday (This was on Saturday). Tuesday we wait from 8-12, as we were asked to do, and no repairman came. Called to find out what was going on, and they inform us that it will be NEXT Tuesday. As you can well imagine, a family of 5 with no washing machine for over a week does NOT make for a happy Mamma! So they finally say they will have someone out on Weds, We wait until 2 PM and FINALLY someone shows up. He spends 5 minutes looking at the washer and says that the motor AND transmission are locked up, and the tub has a leak. He says he will put the ticket in that day and we should hear from the folks from Sam's witthin a few days.... FEW DAYS! We finally get a phone call the next TUESDAY stating the "part the washing machine needs is no longer available". That was the what?? Second or third lie of the whole ordeal. She says that they are going to cut a check for the amount we paid for the machine. I explained to her that all I want is a replacement! I don't need anything fancy. I just want a washing machine that works and is big enough to do the laundry for my family of 5! After arguing with her for about 20 minutes, she finally said that she would need to "research" it and get back to me. Three days later I call to check the status of this. The customer service department explains to me that a check has been mailed. WHAT?!?!?! I specifically asked for that NOT to be done! I then spoke with her supervisor who told me the same thing. So I asked to speak with HER supervisor, who told me that she would be calling us within the next 7-10 business days to make sure that we are satisfied with our service. Again I say, WHAT?!?!?! I do not have the extra money to put into another washer! The amount we paid for the original one is NOT enough money to buy a new one! Again, we are a family of 5! I have 3 children starting school next week, and still I sit here without a washing machine, no money to go to the laundry mat (unless I don't want to feed my family this week, and if you've been to a laundry mat recently you know that they are VERY expensive!)

The entire reason we paid for an extended warranty was so that if the washing machine broke, we could get another one.

I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this from here, but you can bet that chances are it will involve news channels, word of mouth tends to travel like wildfire.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $321.

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The extended warranty worked. You were refunded what you paid for the washing machine AND got to use it for 20 months for FREE. What is your compliant again?


SAMS Warrenty sucks. they play every game in the book to not take care of you.

They lie cheat and steal.

I have never been so let down by a warrenty in my life. They suck.


So, you are getting the cost of the machine back right? You did have to pay the cost for the extended warranty but you got the cost of the machine back.

If you had not paid the cost of the extended warranty then you would be getting nothing back on the machine. Seems to me like the extended warranty paid off for you. I don't know what the cost is for a family of 5 to do their laundry at the laundry mat for two years but I bet it was less then the cost of the extended warranty. Money wise you either broke even or came out ahead.

You do have to buy a new machine, but, since you had the extended warranty you still have all the money you had two years ago to spend on it.

Since you couldn't afford to buy anything better then you can't afford to buy anything better now and that is not Sam's fault. What is Sam's and its extended warranty's fault is that you had the use of a washing machine free for two years and you have the money back to spend on a new one.


I purchased a Toshiba Computer in February 2010 with extended warranty. I don't have

the receipt,it would have been on Thermal Paper anyhow and probably illegible.

the recording on their service 800 number says to go to Sam's Club and have them print one out. When I went there I was told there computers only go back two years

to March 2010.

While at Sam's Club I spoke with the store Manager and she said she would call me within two days with a solution. That was 3 days ago and I'm still waiting on her call....


Ladecass, we are the company that administers Sam's Club's extended service plans. We're sorry to hear you're having a poor experience.

Let's try to change that.

Please email us directly at inquiries@newcorp.com. Thanks!


You used the washer for 20 months and are receiving a full refund. That's a great deal. The more you publicize it, the better it looks for Sam's.


1. never, ever purchase an extended warranty. They are never worth the price and quite often, as you found out, will do nothing to get your appliance fixed.

2. Never shop at a Walmart or Sam's club if you can avoid it. I have never understood why anyone would actually PAY a fee to shop at a store.

3. Walmart is not known for anything even remotely resembling customer service. They have become so big that they really do not care if you shop there of not or if you are treated poorly. Part of the problem also lies in the caliber of employee they hire. Take a look at some of these throwbacks as you wander thru the dirty, messy aisles.

4. Try Lowes for appliances. They deliver for free and the prices are comparable to other stores in town. And, most of their employees look civilized and can speak and understand the English language.