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I purchased the reasonable priced extended warranty at Sams Club on an item. What a mistake !! I purchased it on May 1; today is May 27 the Sams check out system and the Square Trade system is not linked. I have now tried for 26 days to activate the warranty.

It is always one excuse after another, we didn't get the information from Sams, please send the receipt. The PDF of the receipt image is too large please resend. We didn't get the email. The latest request was please take a photo of the receipt and send it over. This place is a CIRCUS....

I emailed Sams Club Rosiland Brewer (CEO) no reply, nothing !

Sams and Square Trade both suck at customer service, they got their last dollars from me Costco is the only way to go. Avoid SAMS CLUB and their warranty service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I think its funny that you actually expected to get a response from the CEO. Its just as funny for you to think it will be any better at any other company.

I know I know, you believe it until you do it yourself.