I shopped at Sams Club located at Goliad on the southeast side of San Antoniothis noon and everyone was wearing will almost. There two ladies near the fresh food aisle who were not fully masked.

One had her nose exposed, the other one had her mask under her lips. I went up to one of your employees in front and was concerned that they werent fully masked, which defeats the whole purpose of a mask. She said that Samss could not confront people, that as long as people entered the store with a mask they were following the mask rule.

Dont understand this reasoning. All of us should follow the rules and stop being selfish.

My email is mi1247@***.com

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Can you not discern that governmental entities are using this virus as an experiment to see how easy or how difficult it is to unlawfully control the citizenry. I am 75 years old and take vitamins and supplements to keep my immune system in good condition.

Younger folks and children are less 'at-risk' than folks in my age group.

I won't spend time detailing the health downsides of mask-wearing, but suffice it to say that I refuse to wear one, and there is no law or anything in the US Constitution that tells me what medical appliance I must wear or use. You are welcome to wear a mask, but do not tell me that I must wear one as a condition for public accommodation or anything else.


Businesses have no legal basis to force people on wear a mask. Get an N95 mask for yourself so that others rights are not violated by your desires.

Some people cannot wear a mask due to health issues. If these people are discriminated against, this is illegal.

There needs to be understanding on both sides of this. Everybody has rights, not just those people who believe in masks.


You should see that Many complaints from others on the website Wanting businesses to enforce the mask policy at their stores. Also, there are others who want the police to enforce the mask policy. So, what would you tell these people?

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