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I bought gift cards to Outback Steak House cause I was running out of time for Christmas and they said they could get them to my son who lives in another state in time for Christmas . He got them and the other gift cards I sent .

When he took his girlfriend to dinner at Outback he gave them his giftcards and there was no credit on them ! They already ate and had to pay with her credit card for this meal , he is a college student and 20 , they don't have Outback money! I talked to a Sams rep on New Years eve and he filed a complaint for me , never heard from them , called again and emailed 2 times. Finally on 1/9/2017 I talked to someone , they told me it has to go to corporate ?

Actually I have talked or email to several now and I have been asked for pics of the front and back of cards , they want to actativation code , they came activated . They want pics of the packaging and so on , its plain to see they do not believe us . It's 1/17/2017 and this still is not taken care of . I got a email to review my experience and this is what I put ( My OUTBACK Steak house cards had no credits on them , they were a Christmas present and the people I gave them to had to pay cash for their meal .

Reported this to Sam's on New Years Eve day and they have not taken care of this yet!

It is 1/9/2017 ) Sam's email me back and my review was rejected , lol . NEVER , EVER will I buy any kind of cards from them and I will not order from Samsonline cause my store where I live treat us like we are important to them and not liars

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Not unusual. This happens often and in your case it could be that someone at the processing center scanned the card and then either used them or sold the card info for a few dollars to someone else.

There is a large market for these things. However, for your and others information, the wise thing to do when you get a gift card is to check out the balance online. Just look at the back of the card for how to do so. I assume you paid for the cards with your credit card.

Now is the time to dispute the charge. Also, you might want to go to the card's website where you can check the card's activity and see whether it was, indeed activated; for how much money; and if activated when was the money spent?