Old Town, Maine
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My tires have 7000 miles on them and after a tire rotation at Concord NH Sams club I got a flat tire after leaving and driving approx 20 minutes. Turns out that since dropping off the car "somehow" a tiny puncture showed up on the tire wall and it went flat.

Also the valve that shows tire pressure on my dash was damaged. I called Sams club was given the royal run around by a "manager" had to repeatedly call since the call backs never happened. They told me they looked at the video of them changing the tire and could see nothing unusual and that a claim was filed with the insurance co who would call me back. Well I got a nasty man from Claims Management Inc.

a third party for AIG the insurer who told me the burden of proof was on my shoulders because obvisously I managed to drive away from Sams club and he didn't like "my" attitude. He said he would review the claim and get back to me.

I asked him if we were talking about days, weeks months maybe years and he said said 10 days but he had just made up his mind to deny my claim. great service all around, no wonder they are no.#1 in poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Tire Rotation.

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