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I broke the frames of my eyeglasses this week, I've been fortunate in that I've used the same set of frames for about 15 years now and have replaced the lenses a few times as my eyes change with age.

I go to my eye doctor every two years, per his recommendation. Last year on August 17, 2012 I did need a new prescription for lenses and I had that prescription made at an eyeglass provider (Sam's Club in Metairie, LA).

Today, I go to Sam's to get new frames and of course the lenses from my old glasses don't fit the new frames, no biggie.

They inform me they can't make new lenses because my prescription is expired (1 year and 13 days later)because it is more than a year old.

I understand that doctors need protection against malpractice suits, but over protectionism is outrageous.

There needs to be a renaissance of common sense.

We the sheeple better wake up, or big brother is going to dictate our every move.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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