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Update by user Jun 15

Sam's Club apologized for the inconvenience caused and sent me a $75.00 Sam's gift certificate. NO further details or comment will be provided

Original review posted by user May 16

I purchased this mattress to replace an 8 year old Serta foam mattress which my doctor suggested might be part of the cause of back pain. So far I am very pleased with the mattress quality and comfort.

The "Sam's-Serta White Glove" delivery service left a lot to be desired.

The mattress was received in good condition so I have no real monetary claim against Ryder. My complaint is regarding the quality of service.

The mattress was received by Ryder in Tempe, AZ on Monday, May 6th, which was 7 days BEFORE the quoted arrival date. I immediately called the Columbus Ohio scheduling department and was told the truck would not be in my area until Thursday, which would have been acceptable but they would not guarantee a morning or afternoon time period. The delivery time would be established by the dispatcher during the routing process. As a result of Ryder's policy and the fact that I had appointments scheduled for Thursday and Friday mornings, that left me with Saturday only, which I accepted reluctantly.

When the routing was done, I was informed it would be delivered between 3-5 pm on Saturday. About 1 pm I got a call saying the truck was being delayed by other deliveries and would arrive about 6 PM. At 5:30 pm I got another call saying the truck had broke down in Tucson and would need to be towed into the yard and my delivery would need to be rescheduled for the following week. I told Dan, the dispatcher, that was totally unacceptable unless he would guarantee me a 8-10 am time on Monday. He would not agree to that.

During the conversation he mentioned that he MIGHT be able to get the other Tuscon delivery team to pickup the mattress from the disabled truck and then deliver to me. The MIGHT statement was made because the dispatcher could not require the other team to assist because the drivers are contractors, not employees of Ryder. Thank you to the 2nd driver-contractor that stepped up to satisfy his customer. That is what eventually happened by 7:30 PM on Saturday.

As someone who was in the transportation business, including final mile delivery service, Ryder's attitude and corporation to me as Sam's customer was totally wrong. They were unwilling to meet my schedule requirements, 6 day delivery delay is not good and they allow their operation to be controlled by independent operators that, apparently, use unreliable equipment.

When I complained to Sam's club, I got a very polite reply from Dejan'e advising me to call the shipper with my claim.

I just thought Sam's Club might want to be aware of how their customers are being treated by the delivery company. Save yourself the aggravation and have your mattress shipped to the store

If Sam Walton was alive today and running his company I think he would agree with my assessment. I will remember this when my Sam's Club renewal comes up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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So you got a free mattress after 8 years of using the old mattress... Free, right, like you didn't even have to pay, free mattresses for life...

And what now is your issue? I look at these complaints and it's like wow, how entitled and spoiled have we become.


"I purchased this mattress to replace an 8 year old Serta foam mattress" PURCHASED! Maybe work on your comprehension before posting.