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I work for a company that has a sam's club card many times i am sent to the local sam's club for items needed for our business.I get my purchases and get to the register only to hear some underpaid employee tell me that I am not the member and I cannot buy the purchases.Excuse me sam's club but when did you get so big that you think your beyond someone going somewhere else and plus I've been there MANY times before using the same exact card.If an owner of a business wanted to go into your store himself then he wouldn't have bought a COMPANY card or business membership.You do not sell anything in that store that can't be found anywhere else in the city actually it can be found at a wal mart with NO MEMMBERSHIP FEE'S at the SAME PRICE.You will not get our company business anymore or my business for that matter.BTW your little under paid employee never asked me did I want to buy a membership but pointed to the exit door.Once again your store has poor customer service "anit that right" isn't a language that your clientale wants to hear from a 7 dollar an hour register girl.No apology needed I just wanted to let you know you've lost this consumer's business and my mouth will let everyone I know not to go there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Greenville, NC needs a Costco. Shopped at one with my daughter in Pittsburgh, PA and it was way nicer than Sam's Club.


We have the same problem with our Sam's Business Credit card. It depends on who you get as a cashier as to whether or not you will be hassled about the card being in the business name.

Everyone that uses the card has their own personal membership so it's not like we are trying to cheat them out of a membership fee.

The intelligence level of some of these employees is on the same level as an earth worm with a bad attitude.

sams employee 2

ok now let me think about this i get to be cussed out each day by the people that are *** in that are so upset because we are making them spend $40 on a member ship (since the one they was going to use didn't have there name on it and was being used by the 5 other family s that came in with them at that time) because they can not buy there $600+ dollars worth of candy junk food and meat that they don't know what it is but looked good while i get to work my but off trying to make ends meat for my wife and kid and getting cussed out because i want them to pay $40 on a member ship that will let them spend $7200+ dollars of the tax money i have to pay out of my check while im working so they can get there stuff WOW where is the line for this card i want one now to lol :zzz


Let me think I get cussed out every day because the person that is *** in and buying there candy and junk food on a EBT card and spending $400+ tax dollars on food they really do not need and they want to cuss me out because they don't want to spend $40 a year to shop there im glad i need the job because if i was not on the clock id be the cards need to match and thank you so much for spending my tax dollars that im working so hard to give you o im so vary sorry we have to charge $40 a year on a card that lets you spend $5000+ of the money im so hard trying to make to support my wife and kid


Sam's Club employee learn to use capital letters. :grin


Oh people ae still typing about this the truth was that card was reported stolen because i stole it to make save puchases on bulk items and ended up losing my job for that. that day i was angry and decided to spend lots of money on their card but they already cancelled it.


***..these are private memberships. Many of us business people appreciate it staying that way. If your cheap and lazy boss wants YOU in there he should spend the few extra bucks to get you a card on his membership!


This used to be a great club. It still has some fantastic talent...

I know... I trained them. This customer had a bad experience and should be found. Talk to the management.

They will help you. We are only as strong as our weakest associate... I think we had a bad hire and some ignorant associates commenting here... Respect for the individual is the number one rule in this particuliar club...

I may no longer be with this company... but you know who I am...

Do the right thing... It's a "basic" - right?


learn how to spell and how to use the words their, there, and they're correctly!! I understand you're position on the situation but sheesh act like you have some sort of education.

have a wonderful day. :roll


Concrete first off let me explain something to you. Customers "EXPECT" me as a employee to jump for joy at the chance to load your merchandise.

ROFL YOU BOUGHT IT YOU LAZY *** LOAD THE STUFF YOURSELF! My job is to ASSIST you not be your personal slave because you are too *** lazy to lift your "gorilla rack shelving" so you send your 4ft 5in wife over to me while you go pig out at the demo tables making your *** wider. If you plan on purchasing an item, bring your work gloves and load it you lazy ***! I get paid below $10 bucks an hour and could give a *** of your merchandise gets to you in a reasonable time or undamaged.

Let alone if you can get that 47" tv into your VW BEETLE! Sure it's in the steel cause we cant keep customers from sitting on, spilling drink on, opening boxes and rummaging through merchandise, especially the expensive stuff. Ill go get it once I can find a lazy *** fork lift driver and 2 other people to "spot" the dang thing out on the floor that disrupts other shoppers. Then let me run off all the other customers that are on those two isles and patiently wait until they move thier slow *** on so I can block the isle and listen to 30 more complain while the drivers is actually getting your piece of *** down.

I'll even put it on a flat bed cart for you AFTER I walk the whole store again to go get one because you conveniently "FORGOT" that you would need a big cart instead of that little buggy to load that big piece of *** on. then if you are lucky I may even push it up to the registers for you. but once you pay for it, it's yours SUCKER! How you get it loaded in your vehicle is all you big boy.

It is NOT my fauly you bought a 300 pound couch and only brought your 90 pound pregnant wife to help you. Better get the hemorrhoid creme out buddy cause you gonna need it. LAZY MF Customers think they cant treat you like dog turds.

Maybe if you shown the person helping you a little respect and dignity by OFFERING to get off your lazy *** and help, thing may have went better for you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


I was in the store today and I got embarrased by the cashier. I guest she was doing her job but EBT card holders need to know that if you are not on the card but is authorized to use the card you need to bring that paper with you beause people sell food stamps for drugs.

I was so embarrassed, I felt like she was talking about me.I have shopped for my brother since he began getting his food stamps because guys just don't go in stores like women. I have been shopping there for years and this was the first time this has ever happen to me. I understand your rules and I am not trying toget anyone to break them. But there should be a sign letting customers know that they must have the paper work from the Social Services with them in order to use the EBT card, even if you have the same last name.

That is what I was told by the cashier. People was looking at me and I was so shame. Please let customers be aware of this and it will stop people from getting embarrassed like I did.

I still will be shopping there because I love alot of the items you have in your store. I am not mad and I will continue to renew my membership every year, but getting embarrassed is not fun I really felt bad when I left your store on today 5/7/10 and every where I went I was able to use it without being shame in front of people.


Worst customer service experience I have encoutered...rude employees that discuss their personal lives to much, who cares what time you got to work just do your job and don't ask your customers to help you to load their merchandise after they wait 30 minutes for you to bring it out to them.


well this one is for all tha sam's club members that have something to say about tha people that are employed at sam's...first and for most your boss shouldn't even be sending you to tha store with his company card, just because it is a company card does not mean that everyone that works for tha company can use it, that is why they have a business member add on fee for 35 dollars....if your face is not tha same face in tha picture than you are not allowed to use it, that is why it is called a "membership"...tha cashiers that will not ring you are just doing there job because it is company policy and tha that are doing what they wanna do will eventually end up losing their job...tha cashier's would be nasty if they did not have to deal with ignorant people like you, that try to make their job harder than what it actually is....last but not worker in in sam's club is under paid sweetheart, try getting a job where you can get 3 raises in one yr plus a bonus at tha end of tha yr and than talk about someone else being under paid...cause I am a front end cashier that has to deal with ignorant people like you that don't wanna follow tha club rules and I make over $11.oo/ go ahead and shop at wal-mart for tha samething but you are only gonna get bulk form sam's... :grin


Starting rate for Sam's Club is $8/hour. Goes up from there depending on your job title and previous job history. Not too bad for a some extra beer money for a bunch of ECU students.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

get your name on the card. I bet you cry about everything that doesn

t go your way. :cry :cry :cry




Thats because it isnt actually YOUR card. You cannot shop on someone elses card, your employer can add you on and only then can you shop. You *** need to get that straight and stop holding up the underpaid cashiers line and making it unpleasant for the rest of us


Business owners can add employees to their account (you are issued a Sam's card). The employee can then add a family member to their account.

Sam's makes most of its money selling memberships so it is not surprising that they won't give sell to you without you own Sam's card. You do realize that your employer is being cheap, right?