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What is the purpose of a greeter? I don't mind being told "Hello welcome to Sam's Club", but waiting to exit because the greeter has to check and mark your receipt is the worst thing about the store.

Most greeters make you wait and have a lousy attitude towards the customer who on average spends more then $50 everytime they visit the store. It's a fire hazard and policy should be changed.

Greeters hate that job position and it shows in there job performance. Let's get some alarms at the entrance and exits and get these greeters some other duties to do.

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i'm a door greeter at sam's club and i love my job.. i try to get everybody in and out as quickly as possible..

most people are really nice..

then there are a few jerks.. happy that there are only a few...


Greeters don't hate their jobs. They just hate running into people like you.

You think your going to get special treatment when you treat workers like garbage.

It's just like how a computer works. Garbage in garbage out.


How do they when the greeter supposedly checks all the receipts and the items in the carts? This in turn would be who's fault?

The clerk at the door or Sam's club for hiring complete idiots like the ones i repeatedly have seen on here? LOL to *** funny :grin

First Born Triplet

Most of the greeters are disabled and can't help how they are because they were born that way, no need to call them names and make fun of them. It gives them something to do and keeps them happy.


Sam's loses a significant amount of their profit to people sneaking out merchandise they haven't paid for. The exit greeters just try to check receipts to minimize this.

Not all merchandise can be tagged for alarms. It isn't a fire hazard, the doors are still perfectly open and available, along with a number of fire exits throughout the building.

And really? They're purposefully *** you off? Do you think their objective is to be yelled at by impatient consumers?

They take thirty seconds to check your receipt, and then wish you a nice day. Calm the *** down.


greeters are rude in the regular stores too. I dont expect much from people anymore.


It was in your membership agreement, maybe you should have read it more carefully.

First Born Triplet

It is against the law for you to stop someone who is not doing anything wrong, so if the member says no than there is nothing you can do.

@First Born Triplet

that might work once... then they can revoke your membership for failing to comply with a contract.

@First Born Triplet

Google "shopkeepers privilege"...they DO have the right to stop and check your purchase....