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Sam's Club is now selling Hearing Aids through their Internet Site at fantastic prices.

The Hearing Aids are being supplied by General Hearing Instruments, a long established, highly regarded United States Manufacturer located in New Orleans,La.

It's conceivable that General Hearing Aids is actually processing the orders and shipping the products directly to the Consumer, which would make a lot of sense.

In fact, General Hearing Instruments should have a separate department set up just to handle those sales.

Sam's Club is offering Hearing Aids at prices about 80% below what they are currently selling for in local Hearing Aid Offices of any type.

There is so much profit potential available in hearing aids, that even Medical Doctors are now selling them.

It is now uncommon for Hearing Aid Dispensers, whatever title they use, including Medical Doctors, or anyone else that can call themselves Doctors, to be charging $5,000 each for a single hearing aid, that at most cost them $1,000

Not bad, better than practicing law at $750 per hour.

Imagine, having a sale of $10,000 of which $8,000 is profit, for about 4 hours work over the course of a year.

I predict this will all come to a screeching halt now that Giant Retailers will start selling hearing aids for prices 80% below what the traffice will bear.

With the advent of Digital Signal Processing and the use of various type Remote Controls, Hearing Aids can be manipulated by the User and do not require any particular type of service.

If they do, the Consumer can always go to a willing for-a-fee local Hearing Aid Dispenser, a for $100 per office visit, usually the most visits reuired are 4, the Buyer through the Internet, can receive the best attention and service possible, and still save thousands of dollars.

God Bless America.

As is our history, whenever someone exploits an opportunity by being greedy, someone else enters the field and brings it back to reality.

General Hearing Instructments is to be congratulated for taking a chance on cracking the Hearing Aid Industry restrictive distribution practices.

I'm surprised the FTC hasn't been involved.

They may yet, since there is a movement in the Hearing Aid Industry to try and have local governments outlaw the sale of "Over the counter" hearing aid sales.

Its called a restraint of trade and interference with Interstate Commerce.

The "Cat is out of the bag",

Its too late, it has happened.

I predict all the other Retailers will follow suit and get in on the Bandwagon of a Billion Dollar Market.

For any additional information or comments please call: Eugenia @ (800) 432-7114

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FYI Those are not hearing aids. Though they are calling them that, the TX Hearing AID Assoc.

took them to court but failed. They get buy with it by have the consumer sign a medical waiver. They are listening devices. Big difference.

They turn up everything not just speech.

They are generically set for a mild high frequency loss and do not work for every one.


Every one should be checked out by a Doctor before buying hearing aids to make sure there is nothing wrong with your ears and going to a department store to buy them is a bad idea


General Hearing Instruments (www.generalhearing.com) is, in fact, an FDA regulated manufacturer of a wide range of ear-worn hearing health instruments. Nevertheless, General hearing has long recognized that a new delivery model for hearing aids was needed that would facilitate obtaining amplification to those who could not or would not pursue the traditional clinical model. This alternative model would provide quality aids at a significantly lower price and provide a process that was simpler, non-threatening, and more straightforward than the traditional process.

This alternative model would, then, provide a positive hearing aid experience by providing a “stepping stone” hearing instrument for that population (Simplicity & SimplySoft Hearing Aids). Such a hearing aid should be of straightforward design, and easy to use. This is not to say that it is unsophisticated. It should, in fact, have all the prerequisites of an advanced hearing instrument: DSP, feedback and noise management, multi-memory capability and the like.

It is important at this point to describe our concept of a “stepping stone” hearing instrument. Most of those experiencing the beginning stages of hearing loss have little or no experience with amplification. This lack of sophistication relative to hearing aids leaves them either overwhelmed or unreceptive to features such as Bluetooth capability, directional microphones, or telecoils.

However, as they enjoy positive results from amplification, they will outgrow these stepping stone devices either by virtue of increased hearing loss over time or by the understanding of how advanced features would enrich their listening experiences. Since such features require fitting and tuning best provided by the hearing health professional, most of those in this demographic would then progress on into that level of care.

Posted by: General Hearing Instruments, Inc. (www.generalhearing.com)


For further information go to:www.abchearingaids.samsbiz.com.


For further information go to:www.abchearingaids.samsbiz.com.