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Simple tire rotation and balance. Right?

Not for me today. Sams Technician performs a simple tire rotation and balance on my Corolla S today. I take possession of my car and head home. Car feels oj thru city at 0-35mph but when i get to interstate all *** breaks loose in front end of the vehicle.

Its as if a wheel to loose and falling off, steering wheel violently rocky ledt to right. I immediately pull off road to check to see if wheel is loose. I get my tire tool from trunk and try, let me say that again, try to loosen lugnut and retighten. Lutnuts are at this time too tight to loosen.

Im 6’. 195 lbs and i am afraid of breaking the studs. So I go back to Rocky Mount NC Sams Tire Center and pull up to bays.. all doors are open so I asked who serviced this car.

One tech pointed to a very large young man with serious attitude. I asked the angry fellow did he torque my lugnuts. Of course he said “yep” I then asked to speak with a supervisor. Supervisor came out and listened to my complaint if wheels shaking the steering wheel and overtightned lugnuts.

He immediately took big mans side with out even checking. I asked well what was the torque on the nuts? NO ONE KNEW! I asked how did they torque them?

Big man held up a 1/2 drive torque wrench. Supervisor again stated torque was correct and i then went to my trunk and handed him the vehicle lugnuts wrench and asked him to pick any nut and try to remove it. He tried 3 and couldn’t budge anyof them. So he goes and gets a large cross lug wrench and no success.

I recommend taking the torque wrench to see how much torque was actually on the nuts. He went and got another techs and had no clue how to use it and then said” these don’t break nuts loose so i will need to put on lift to use air tools “. Blaahaa it gets worse! I adked” let me see big mans wrench that he used to torque them” no one would let me and they informed me that they needed to lift my car.

I requested that I just take my car and get it corrected myself and but supervisor replied “no we are fixing it now and proceed to put car on lift. They had placed the lift arms uner car and big man was at controls once the lift was going up to touch under car the arms hit the ground effects kit first and started crushing them and big man watching and never slowed down. I yelled “whaooo! Whaaoooo!

He stopped lift but looks at me like what’s your problem? I pointed out that he was tearing my car up and big man had no clue of what he was doing and needed to be pulled from floor. But supervisor had him lower car and add spacing to arms to clear body. I immediately walked inside to speak with a Manager.

No official management was available (how convenient) but another supervisor spoke with me and we walked to inside entrance to shopwoth glass customers can view their vehicle and she went in to speak with the other supervisor and techs. She comes back in and said they found no problem and nuts came right off and they (Big man) was checking wheels now. (Right no problem because he used 120 pounds of air and impact wrench to remove nuts! Who has that on the side of the highway?).

I watched Big man put front wheel-on balancer and start it spinning. Wheel stops and he pulls off weights and changes them to new locations!! Well, now if he had balanced it just 20 mins ago, why would he be pulling weight off, changing sizes and moving them? Both supervisors at this time was in shop talking to another tech and i was inside store.

I knocked on glass to get there attention to let them see what i was seeing and they ignored me so I banged harder to make sue they knew I wanted something immediately. Bigman walked to glass in front of me and learned towards me with pur hate in his eyes and said loudly “you don’t know who you ate messing with!” I told him to “bring it on”.. he walked to the door and i met him on other side. He grapped door and started to open it and stopped.

Looking at me eye to eye the entire time. Someone said something to him and he let door go and went back to balance wheel. Supervisor came back inside to me and said I should have never “said the B Word” i had no clue what she was talking about so I asked what B Word ? She replied “you know the B Word” I honestly had no clue and i then asked “Black?” She said what?

I said “Black”again and she replied “o no the other B Word.. at this time i am so confused and she said “i cant say it” but she sounded the beginning out and I said “was it *** She said “Yes” i got furious because in no way in any form had i said anything like that. So i adked when was I suppose to have said such. “When you yelled stopped b!?$&@ when then were lifting the vehicle” I immediately told her that was and is a Lie!

She took their side and said I should not have said that. I adked to go and watch and listen to video of that area and she would see that they lied and im telling the truth. I commended her and the others for their loyalty to each other and told them I understood that all were afraid to stand up for me because Big man was intimidating and I knew they were all afraid of him but I wasn’t because he is wrong and why would i leave after being there so long to begin with get on interstate, pull off of it and come back all when i have a freshly broken foot that was killing me? I could be at home right now with it elevated to help the pain and i get t hat U are full of BS” look from supervisor from inside.

I immediately pulled my sock and shoe off to let her see for her self the colorful and swollen foot. He attitude and expression immediately changed toward me when i adk he person to person “ now why would i leave come back and wait another hour when i had this going on” she then ask what it was i need to make this right? My reply was to just get my car right and admit that someone messed up” she the said” yes i know people do mess up and she hopes I understand so i asked well so you admit Big man did not do my car correct the first time and she replied that they said nothing was wrong” and that my car should be ready in about 7-10 mins and that someone would bring it too me up front and to call 1800 number if I wanted to speak with someone else because she was as far as it goes there at that store. I looked up and there was a store camera pointing directly at us above window and i could see us on monitor so I hope it’s recorded and saved so if I need proof they have it.

Now on the way home from all that drama...

car vibrates worse!!!!

I had to drive below 55 mph on a 70 mph interstate for 15 Miles and i am furious. Either Big Man bent my rims or he has no clue hiw to balance wheels..

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Tire Rotation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have never understood why anyone would have Walmart/Sam's Club work on their vehicle after seeing the shoddy, careless, unprofessional and just plain incompetent work they do. In your case, take your car to a Corolla dealer and have them look at it.

Who knows what the geniuses at Sam's Club really did originally or after you brought it back. And, of course try to warn any and all about the quality of work done at a Walmart-owned auto center.

to h.kitchener #1509711

Good idea because it is almost impossible to find quaity Technicians

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