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Let me start out by saying that the carswell mattress itself is okay for the money. It says plush but it doesn't really have a lot of give, so its really more for people who prefer a firmer feel. It is also VERY HIGH, so you may want to consider a low profile or youll be sleeping 3 ft off of the ground.

My issue is with I ordered the carswell on April 8 2013. It came during the 2 week period they scheduled with me,that was fine.The day I got it however(april 22), i realized I made a mistake because my new bed I was gifted was a full and not a queen like the mattress id ordered. No worries, I used their "Easy Return Policy" and called the next day for them to pick it up and id just buy a bigger size when I got my money back. They told me it would take two weeks to pick it up..I said ok. The lady even offered me a rapid refund so that way I could order a new one quickly. I got the confirmation email 3 days after I called saying it would hit my account in 3-5 days. Sounds good right? Well three days AND two weeks came and went and I was left wondering what was going on, so I called. The rep said they hadnt even scheduled the pickup, so he did it over the phone with me. Said wait two weeks.Said the money should be there but hed check on it. I was annoyed but okay. On a hunch I waited 7 days and called back to reconfirm...pickup had NOT BEEN SCHEDULED and on top of that, I didnt have my money back after they promised it to me AGAIN. (Its been 21 days since they originally said id get my money) I call them, and they tell me they refunded it already and I have the email to prove it!I told them I had not, and they asked me to fax in my bank statements proving i hadnt gotten the money. I did. I had to keep calling because I got no answer and then they told me that I wont get my money back until the item has been restocked.. Im sleeping on my couch because I dont want to mess up the mattress before they pick it up. I call again the following week, same story "Oh it hasnt been scheduled, we dont even see where you called". ARE YOU SERIOUS??? " This continued with at LEAST 15 phone calls over a period of THREE MONTHS. Each one, nobody knows what im talking about, nobody knows why my pickup hasnt been scheduled, nobody knows when theyre going to come get this thing out of my house. I spoke to countless reps, supervisors, and any samsclub affiliate I could get on the phone. I didn't get the pickup call until over 3 months later! I had a mattress i couldnt use just sitting there because there is no line of communication with their employees.Ive been sleeping on my couch for THREE MONTHS at this point because I was scared to mess something up and they tell me they wouldnt take it back. I asked to speak to corporate and was told there was none. They finally picked it up on July 9 (Three weeks ago) after I originally called them to get it in APRIL. Then they tell me that my refund would be processed in 3-5 more days. I call on day 5. "Oh no it's 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS, no weekends". Day 14 was this past monday. I call AGAIN, "Im showing the refund has been processed, it should hit your account in 24-48 hours" . Thats today. This morning? No Money. I call AGAIN. The supervisor tells me that the refund HAS NOT BEEN PROCESSED AND WILL TAKE ANOTHER 10-14 days!!!!!!!!! I cannot afford to buy a new mattress until I get my refunded money back. I wake up sore every day from sleeping on the couch. Even about a month after these issues, I still considered buying from SamsClub again, but there is NO way in *** Id recommend them to anyone now.

What business do you know that will blatantly lie to you?How are you going to tell me in one phone call that youve scheduled my pickup/refund and when I speak to someone else right after that they have no record of me ever calling to arrange that? How do you keep pushing back the date that my money is due back to me and then lie and tell me its coming and THEN tell me you havent yet even begun the process??? Ive called and gotten one answer, then called Right Back and gotten something completely different on several different occasions. Its gotten to the point where I call at least three times for any question that i ask just to go with the majority answer and hope that its truth .I Dont know if their reps dont know how to do their jobs or if theyre just tired of me calling. Im convinced they just tell me what they think i want to hea r to get me off the phone and then they ignore me. All I wanted was for them to pick up the old mattress and give me my money back so i could buy a bigger size since they dont do exchanges. I was still going to do business with them! But now,all i want is my money back and to cut ties and be done with this.My health is suffering. I dont sleep well at night and i wake up in pain. I cant even afford to buy a new mattress until the refund money comes in.Unless you want to be swindled, lied to and without your money for extended periods of time, DO NOT BUY FROM SAMSCLUB!!!!

Monetary Loss: $520.

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