Houston, Texas
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Why is it that a cashier does not have to pick up anything heavy? Aren't they getting paid to work?

I bought some beer and she said, she couldn't lift it, I needed to lift it from the counter back into the cart. These lazy AA's just want a pay check but don't want to work.

If she has a medical issue then she should not be working in a job that requires lifting groceries from the counter to the cart. Lazy people!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is not that she is lazy, it is that it is too heavy for her to lift. But I am surprised that they allowed someone under the legal drinking age to purchase the beer in the first place.

Clearly you are no where over the age of two with your behavior, and most of the time it is the customer's job to load the items and her job to bag them. Why are you too lazy?