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frozen lobster from honduras. i have never had any thing that was that bad.

it was bordeline rotten. i have prepared many a lobster and i feel sick talking about this one.these are frozen so you would think you are ok. however this tail was mush. i had to throw away a 1.25 lb tail which was the only item on the menu.

baked potato corn on the cob. so that was dinner potato and corn. thank god i wasn,t cooking for any one but me.

having said that i was still extremely disappointed. last i'll ever buy SAM'S CLUB

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I thought I would try the frozen lobster tails from Sam's tonight. At $20 per pound I they are a bit pricey, but I thought I would splurge a bit.

I cooked them as I have done others. When I bit into it it was about as tasteless as anything I have ever eaten. The little bit of flavor it had was a bit nasty. I thought enough butter would help, but it did not.

The texture was also a bit chewy, but that I could have easily forgiven had the taste been something like real lobster.

I threw 2/3 of the 12oz tail in the trash. E