One should not shop at the Sam's Club in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. The manager at the store is only concerned if you are a "business" or "advantage" customer.

Could care less if you only have a regular membership. The store absolutely will not let you in the store prior to 10 a.m. I would think that a customer who plans to purchase items would be welcomed. Not the case.

Shame on the Monroeville Sam's Club.

A customer who is unaware of hours for regular members and show up 35 minutes early should be able to shop--the store is already open. Where is the harm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Geez it seems to me that you must have internet available to you, so I don't really believe you were unaware of the hours! Trying to beat the system that others pay for with a very unbelievable excuse, take the bus Gus get on a plane Jane. Have a good scam day.


You bought a seat in the bleachers. Now you're mad because the usher won't let you sit in the Lexus seats. Are we supposed to sympathize?


You pay for a basic membership u get basic hours I pay for plus so u can shop early that's the main reason I pay more so stop being cheap


you pay to get in early read your membership rules.


Well that's why people pay for advance so they can shop early without crowds.

Colchester, Connecticut, United States #1266590

Get an advanced membership then after you've used it and before your year is up tell them you're not happy with the service they will refund you in full.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1259843

Oh yeah, I walked in there early and got turned away, well I didn't really get turned away they offered to let me up grade but I wasn't going to pay the extra money to shop 2 hours earlier. I just went somewhere else for 2 hours.

I think it is totally ridiculous to pay the money to shop there at " the early shoppers hours " when you can walk in to any other store at that time and do all the shopping you want.

It's just a way to get the want to be rich or famous, to come shop at Sam's Club. To me early shopping hours would be from 4:00 am to 7:00 am .

Gainesville, Florida, United States #1239605

Buy a Plus membership. Look at the HOURS OF OPERATION.

I have a Plus so I can shop early and not have to deal with people like you of less intelligence. You probably complain about long lines. If you traded in your flip phone and got a smartphone there are things called "apps" and you would not even have to go through the checkout line. But that must be magik or heresy.

Some people just think they are entitled and can do whatever they want. One of the biggest problems in this great country of ours.

to Anonymous #1355812

I concur. I pay the $100 extra money yearly to avoid the crowds. I'm entitled.....they're NOT.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1237574

The early hours thing serves as an incentive to upgrade one's membership. You are not being allowed in late, they are being allowed in eary.

That costs extra. You may have to wait until 10 to shop, but you pay less for your card.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1232265

i agree if it takes me two hour shop why not i'm menber also


There are rules for a reason. I am a business card member and I value the fact that I have paid for that privalege. That is why there is the advantage for certain customers.


Think the issue may be, those business members pay extra for their yearly membership so they can do the early bird shopping


If they let you shop early, what would be the benefit for business members or plus members.

Sorry you didn't know the rules. But in this case, you were at fault...


U pay to enter early! Membership has privileged.

Special memberships have special privileges.

If u don't have a membership, the store is still a store, u just can't shop there. Get over it.


One should not shop at Sams Club because the CEO is a bigoted racist who hates white people.

In your case, however, you share the same entitlement philosophy so leverage that and lobby for free merchandise, early hours, and free gas.


I agree. Especially during the holidays.

And their site doesn't differientiate.

Normally 10 is fine but I'd like to shop early during Christmas holidays. I need to bake early abd have many afternoon and evening engagements.

to Anonymous Gainesville, Florida, United States #1239608

Then pay to play. You entitled.......

Your the one that tells the(probably) white cop your running late so the speed limit should not apply to special princesses! People like you make me sick.

If I made more money than you by WORKING harder, you think I should just give some to you because you don't have as much. Get a Plus membership and be quiet.


You are a genius. What's the point of paying extra for an advantage if the store lets everyone else in at the same time? The store followed policy which you don't agree with but it is correct.

Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1055360

I am glad they did not let you in. People pay more for business membership and coming in earlier is a perk. If I paid extra for these perks and found out that they allowed someone who has just a regular membership in before 10 am just because they threw a temper tantrum I would be furious, because the reason I pay extra is for these perks.

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