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I would like to start off by saying that our country was founded by men who knew all too well the dangerous of the government having too much control. We are born with God given rights that the Constitution protects.

Being refused entry into Sam's Club where I am a PAYING member is morally wrong. I ask that you respect and honor the U.S. Federal Law, Title II of the Civil Rights Act U.S. Code 42 2000 (a) which states that EVERY individual should have free and equal access to all facilities and business establishments.

This means it is ILLEGAL for you to prohibit someone from entry into Sam's because they refuse to wear a mask.

I respectfully ask that you do not participate in the discrimination that is occurring in our society for those that do not adhere to the mask mandates. Wearing a mask should be a choice, not something that the government forces upon us.

User's recommendation: Do not shop at Sam's Club if they require a mask. It is unlawful for them to refuse service to someone based on whether or not they wear a mask. That is discrimination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Facility.

Preferred solution: stop discriminating against customers/people who do not wear masks. Forcing someone to wear a mask is unconstitutional. .

Location: 2120 Emporium Dr, Jackson, TN 38305

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You should see that Many complaints from others on the website Wanting businesses to enforce the mask policy at their stores. Also, there are others who want the police to enforce the mask policy. So, what would you tell these people?


Store policy Karen. If you think someone is doing wrong, call the uthorities.

Until then, bye. No one cares.


You know nothing about the law, clearly. Businesses have the LEGAL RIGHT to refuse to serve anyone who is won't comply with their rules.

Especially when the violation of their rules is reasonably deemed to be putting others at risk. PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING, STILL, BECAUSE SELFISH -------S LIKE YOU WON'T CO-OPERATE WITH THE EFFORTS TO STOP COVID-19 FROM INFECTING MORE AND MORE PEOPLE. I hope you get it, and suffer HORRIBLY through it, so you'll understand how SELFISH you are being.

It's NOT hard to wear a mask! It IS hard to lose a loved one to a PREVENTABLE disease, where the family can't even be permitted access to the dying person while they suffer, and pass away.


You are a non-thinking person - maybe an actual idiot as I read more of your ALL CAPS ranting - if you can not discern that governmental entities are using this virus as an experiment to see how easy or how difficult it is to unlawfully control the citizenry. I am 75 years old and take vitamins and supplements to keep my immune system in good condition.

Try doing the same. Younger folks and children are less 'at-risk' than folks in my age group. Folks die EVERY YEAR from flu induced complications like pneumonia! Not to mention how the statistics have been cooked on COVID-19.

I won't spend time detailing the health downsides of mask-wearing, but suffice it to say that I refuse to wear one, and there is no law or anything in the US Constitution that tells me what medical appliance I must wear or use. You are welcome to wear a mask, but do not tell me that I must wear one as a condition for public accommodation or anything else.

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