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I bought a Member's Mark "stainless steel" grill 4.5 years ago. I bought the vinyl protective cover & used it, too. The exterior looks fine. Problem is: the guts have completely rusted out to the point that they are crumbling.

I have photos that I wanted to send to Member's Mark, but they don't appear to exist. It's just a 'promo' name for Sam's. It looks like I would have to send my complaint to the manufacturer in Taiwan (Grand Hall). Yea! Right!

I guess I'll just put this piece of *** on the street & buy something cheaper. At least when it rusts out, I can get a couple more for the same total price.

Beware of "stainless steel" grills from Sam's.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Same here.


I will say, no matter how much you spend anymore, the insides tend to crumble. You are right, you are better off with a cheaper grill and replace every couple of years.

We bought the Members Mark Gas & Charcoal Hybrid Grill.

Within a month, the exterior temperature gauge fogged up. We have had it now one year, keep it covered, and clean regularly. The interior started rusting about 6 months ago.

Just the other day, notices there is rust on the exterior side burner.

Pay a few more dollars and go to Lowes for a similar grill.


thanks buddy was looking at buying one


Where can you order parts. For this grill


Just called Sam's Club Private Brand number and spoke with a lady named Gloria. My grill was a gift but according to Gloria, if the original purchaser of the grill is no longer a member, they may not work with me or them for that matter and honor the lifetime warranty.

So according to their representative, purchasing an item with a lifetime warranty only affords you the lifetime warranty if you also maintain a lifetime membership. I'm sure this isn't the case and a lawyer would have a field day with anyone interested in joining a class suit for product misrepentation??


I learned as a pipe fitter that stainless steel sweats moisture a lot! I'm guessing that's the main reason? Internal stainless parts should have been used.more$ lol


I just returned my Members Mark grill to Sam's Club they took it back no questions asked, Members Mark states that if you are not happy with your grill you can return it to store and get your money back.

I had emailed Members Mark and they told me to go to the store directly and that they offered a 100% satisfaction on their products. Go Sams Club!


How long did you have the grill before returning? Did you still have the receipt?


Can anyone find info on M Professional Gas grill BQ050446-N-A? Looking for original price.

Have tried everything. Someone gave me one and has lots of new parts with it.

Outside looks good, insides..not so good. Thanks


Yeah, unfortunately I am in the same situation with my Members Mark grill as well. I purposely asked prior to purchasing my grill if it was made 100% of stainless steel and I was told yes it would never rust.

I feel lied to and also misled by their claim of a "lifetime warranty" on the expensive grill I bought from Sam's Club.

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I encourage everyone to do what I'm doing - don't shop at Sam's Club or Walmart again and tell your friends and family to do the same!!! I still have my receipt for the grill and they refuse to do anything to help me.


I have the huge members mark grill. It has 3 burners and a infrared burner inside on the right.

it also has a infrared burner about 3 feet long along the back wall for rotissery. it also came with the rotissary attachment. Has a door on each side and 3 drawers in the middle. i believe this was $1699 at SAMS I bought it for $1300.

I have had it for about 7 years and have had nothing go wrong with it except for replacing the igniter batteries. I use to have the cover that came with it all the time but threw it away after 5 yrs of constant use. It does not have one ounce of rust on it anywhere and neither do the side storage flanks I bought for it. The flanks are stainless and have Granite counter tops.

Maybe in the recent years they have downgraded quality?????? Oh I also use a 2600PSI power washer to clean it inside and out grates and all. I give it a thorough cleaning 2-3 times a year. Sorry you all got *** stuff.

But SAMS does have a 100% guarantee (lifetime) on ALL their stuff.

So dont through your stuff out, take it back to SAMS they will take it back. That's why I bought such an expensive investment from them.


can you tell me your model number? I've just bought a used model and it sounds like what you have described, but can't find any information on the original price. My model number is bq05046-6



No or little gas delivery...sometimes it comes on at 40 to 50,000BTU's sometimes it drips out barely warming to 200 degrees

Can find who the *** Members Mark is or any sign of customer service...anybody else out there having problems like this?


I have a Member's Mark Professional grill 3 years old from SAMs. Covered and looking beautiful.

Turned it on today to start grilling and the entire bottom fell out!

The grates are there as well as the planks but the under carriage and the guts have completely rusted and crumbling and falling onto the gas canister below, :( I am shocked and angry that SAMs club can mislead consumers this way. At least have the decency to warn consumers about this danger.


Good grills last 20 years. Sams sells real shiny ones, but if you knows grills you know they won't last.

I have a 10 year old PGS and just replaced the burner, under warranty ! QUALITY.

MHP is another good brand. Buy it right once or buy it over and over.


Same problem... Covered yet rusted internally.

I have a Weber twice as old with no evidence of rusting out. Definitely inferior quality. Don't bother writing, they didn't answer my email. Don't buy another cheap grill and definitely don't buy a cheap grill like members mark posing as a quality grill.

I would recommend a Weber. Webers still going strong.


Guess what...grills don't last forever. Eventhough you keep rain off of the grill, moisture can still get inside, as well as fats dripping from whatever you are cooking.


I have the same complaints about this grill too. Insides rusting out and poor heat delivery when cooking.

I have been doing a lot of research to replace this mistake. Beyond really expensive grills like Fire Magic etc. (which I cannot afford) Your best three bets as far as grills go are Broil King, Weber and Napoleon. Napoleon having the best quality stainless and about the same price as a Weber with cheaper stainless.

Napoleon is made in Canada or China. Weber is made in USA (partly) or China and Broil King is made in Canada or the USA.