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We buy skim milk at Sam'Club in GR.Mi. The shape of the jug makes it difficult to open a new jug of milk.

It is hard to get a grip on the lid and then the seal under the lid is so tight the pull tab does not loosen it- I usually have to puncture it with a knife. But mainly my complaint is with the shape of the top of the gallon. I appreciate the milk taste, and the price, but not the container.

We always buy our milk at Sam Club and will continue to do so but I thought you would like to be told that the container is difficult to open. I do not know if others have brought this to your attention.

Product or Service Mentioned: Members Mark Milk.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Sams Club Pros: I liked theearly business hours.

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I read this is "we buy skim milk blah blah blah I'm entitled and spoiled and any little trivial matter will make me post my frustrations to people who don't care"


The new jugs are awful. I have a very hard time opening both the lid and the seal much less my elderly parents.

Good grief, never thought we we need to use a knife to open the milk. Get rid of these Sam’s Club or we won’t buy milk there any longer!!!!


I will not buy milk there anymore. I can't get the pull tab off. I wonder if anyone at Sams has tried??


I totally agree. We buy about 10 gallons of milk per week for my family of 8.

These new tall containers are cumbersome and my smaller kids spill everytime.

Hard to open because you cannot grip the lid in a comfortable manner. Please go back to old jugs.


They suck, I bought my last one


Yes, I have the same problem with the new milk cartons. Very, very hard to open.

and the pull tab on the inner seal rips off without opening the seal. I have to use a knife to get that seal off. I have stopped buying these and now get my milk at Walgreens instead of Sams Club until they fix this new carton design.

I don't think they did any consumer testing before implementing the new ones. They are horrible.


Ditto! Everything about it is wrong.

It doesn't easily fit in the door space in my refrigerator either. My husband hates trying to open it as well.

What was the point in the redesign? Shelf space?


Gripping the cap is troublesome. Why change the previous design?

do our concerns and comments really matter? I wonder!!!


The design of the container really sucks.

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