Amarillo, Texas

After waiting over 20 minutes for a cashier to try to resolve pricing and coupon issues and process a check for customers in front of me, when she scanned my membership card, she said I needed to renew my membership. She told me it would be $100.

(During previous visits, the cashiers always try to upgrade the membership from the standard $45 membership to the $100 membership. We finally gave in). I told her I did not want the $100 membership. I wanted the regular $45 membership.

She said she could not do that. I told her I was not going to renew for the $100 fee. She said that if I wanted to downgrade, I had to go the the Membership Desk before she could check me out. (I already had $450 of groceries, including melting ice cream, that had been sitting on the check out belt for over 25 minutes by that time and the Membership Desk had a long line at it).

I refused and eventually the Manager came over and said it was no problem to renew for $45 there at the register. So, did the cashier not know what she was doing or was she flat out lying to me?? I think this whole membership fee at Sams is a scam.

They constantly try to up-sell you when you check out and then refuse to downgrade you and coerce you into keeping the $100 fee. I am canceling my membership all together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I had a similar experience. In Jan I was informed my membership had expired and needed to renew.

It actually expires in June, but I was in a hurry and said OK. They did the same thing trying to Up sell for $100 Membership but I refused and got the standard membership. Fast forward to March and my wife trys to use her card and they advise its been reported stolen. When we checked on the system i was showing as sharing a membership with a stranger.

After about 20 minutes with the manager looking over her shoulder the Customer Service rep finally added my wife to the account and got rid of the stranger...

I am sick of Sam's Club and their Up Sell... A COSTCO Just Opened up and I'm going to be checking it out.


Like some of the other commenters said. A cashier can't downgrade you at the register unless you are expired.

If you are not expired the computer has two options. The first is to renew for $100.

The second is to not renew at all which will only put off the issue until the next time checkout.


The only way a cashier can downgrade a membership is if it has passed the renewal date.


It's not that the cashier didn't know or was lying to you. An upgrade on the system a while back changed the way renewals worked.

A cashier literally does not have the ability to downgrade the membership at the register. It wasn't handled well though. She should have rang up your groceries and let you deal with the renewal when you had time.

Also, if you are going to cancel your membership it'll be worth your time to go back to the membership desk and tell them. Memberships are 100% guaranteed and you can get your money back.