They had a promo where you if you sign up for a new membership, they will load $45 credit onto your account. Which essentially makes it free.

Went in, paid for the membership, got our new card, just to find out later on that day that it was not properly registered? Whatever, I called customer service, waited and waited for them to give me an answer, I gave up after 2 hours of waiting. Went online and started a chat session with the customer service team. They checked, verified everything, got it to register correctly (or so I thought).

A week later, I logged into my account to do some shopping, got a message saying my membership expired. Called again on 3/14, spoke to yet another customer service associate (Tes). She apologized for the inconvenience, had me wait on the phone while she figured out why it keeps on doing it. Went ahead and manually adjusted my expiration date to 3/7/21.

Yesterday, I logged in again, again it says my membership is about to expire. What is going on?

I paid for the membership for a year, I expect it to last for a year, not a week. Please fix this!

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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