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I recently visited to the Sam's Club in Terre Haute, Ind. looking to purchase a new phone. I made my way to the mobile section of the store, where I was neither greeted nor asked for help for a solid five minutes. When I was finally approached, a young woman greeted me, and it was evident that she was high. I could smell the marijuana on her dress. I tried to ignore this and asked her if she could tell me about the selection they offered, but she was not only of no help, but she was either incredibly uneducated or incredibly high. She spoke with the knowledge base of a 14 year old teeny bopper and not only do I wish she had been of more help, but I wish she had not spoken to me and wasted my time at all.

May I ask, does Sam's Club run drug tests on their employees? Normally, I would not bother sending in a customer complaint on the basis of drugs-what people choose to do with their spare time is none of my business- but when it interferes with their work, and they show up to their shift like that, and waste MY time when I'm a paying customer looking to spend money at your store, then I get irate.

I requested the name of this woman before I left. Brittany Kull. Another couple shopping around saw how belligerent she was with me, and approached me, saying that her mother has been working at the store for a very long time, and that is the only reason she was able to get the job. Does Sam's Club endorse that sort of hiring? Is someone's credentials and work ethic no longer important?

I was incredibly disappointed in my visit to Sam's. This Brittany gal, bless her heart, but she is not a positive contribution to your staff. She was unhelpful, uneducated, and a waste of my time. And the company should consider her a waste of their time as well if she's showing up on company time high on marijuana.

I hope some sort of action is done. Until then, I have canceled my membership and won't be shopping at Sam's Club in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Get a life


at least she wasn't under the influence of alcohol :d

much worse.


If you're having issues with member service you should speak to that person's manager. You speak of professionalism but posting an associate's full name, city and state in which they live, and claiming they were high without drug test results is incredibly low class.

Maybe you should be shopping at Walmart instead of sam's club. If I were that associate I would sue you for libel and endangering my safety and privacy.

@Not as entitled as OP

Walmart & sams club = same


How disrespectful of you for osting this. Do you get online just to *** and moan about the things that don't go right in your life?


Oh yes usually they require a 4 year degree to work at walmart/sams but that must have been one that got through.Are you kidding me??? What kind of people do you expect to work for 7 or 8 dollars an hour??

A smart person knows what they are going to buy before they come to a store.You should not need someone to sell you.


u should not have put her name in the post u ***


They do drug test once when you get hired. That's it. But there are ways around that drug test!


If the person you named in your post ever sees the post, she can sue you in court for slander. Besides, there are several psych drugs that causes a person to appear slow or even under the influence.

If you want quality electronics, why go to Sam's Club?

Go shop at Radio Shack, Best Buy, or any number of specialty shops. Sam's is not that inexpensive.


It was very inappropriate of you to put her name in this post. There might have been outside circumstances for her acting the way she did.

I am not trying to defend her poor member service; I agree she should be talked to about that.

But to include her name in this post and making such a serious assumption involving drugs in mean. Just saying.