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I was working with my business partner who had the Sam's Club membership and I ordered a pop-up canopy for our outdoor expos. I input my credit card information and the billing address was declined.

I called the national call center and they told me it was because their online ordering system only uses the first five digits of the zip code, and NOT the zip + 4. They actually instructed me to call my credit card company and remove the zip + 4 from my billing address! I told them that the Zip + 4 insured that any statements and new cards would be delivered to me and not elsewhere in town. There are mailboxes across town with the same numbers but have a different zip + 4 address.

I told them that such misdelivered mail could lead to identity theft and credit card theft, and that they were instructing their shoppers to make their bank and credit accounts less secure. I asked to speak to a supervisor and never got a call back. When I called their call center again, they claimed they could not open the account to view or add any notes even though I had an open incident. When I asked to speak to the person I worked with before, they claimed that person was not in their call center and they had no way of getting a message to him.

In this day of global networking, a company that cannot communicate from one office to another and refuses to use zip + 4 in their ordering system is way behind the times. I will never get a club membership and will not be ordering from their online system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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I Receive a Ez-up canopy as a wedding gift and because i dont know the name of the club member that bought it , i cant exchange it because im not a member!!!!!


Unfortunately the credit dept is GE Capital and not Sam's Club. Try to talk to a membership person who is experienced or their manager in the store to find a way to force GE to take care of you.

It may take time but will be well worth it. There are a lot of people who care.


I can believe you these people dont get it,they have the poorest customer service,or the lack of it,they will learn when more of their stores close, then the damage would have already been done. maybe one of their associates can read this from the call center,since thats their their m/o,reading negative comments and responding with code names is what they call customer service