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I am extremely disappointed that Sam's Club has discontinued the business member card. It would have been nice to let me know before you stopped it. I didn't know anything about this change until I tried to enter the store before 10 am. This is not what I consider good customer service.

It is not worth it to me to spend the huge difference to pay for a Member Plus card. The ability to get into the store for earlier hours was very compelling to me.

Did you even consider giving us members a chance to give you feedback about the change?

It's time for me to join Costco and drop Sam's Club.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am cancelling my membership over this. I have been a been a member for an extremely long time. Now I will be using Costco and BJ's.


bunch of ***


I was upset this morning also when they turned me away without any notice to its members. What a disservice!


Totally agree with these comments. So, I guess Sam’s doesn’t care if they lose business to competition or asking their loyal business customers for input before a policy change? Hmmm, why Amazon Prime is more expensive, they deliver & offer other benefits.


Just learned today that my business membership since 1988 is no longer valid. Really?

No communication about it? Just renewed in May, not one word was said to me about it, but you sure did take my money. Terrible customer service. Oh, and I'm not about to pay more than double for a membership just so I can shop early.

Way to treat business owners Sams! Sam Walton is rolling in his grave.


Same thing today. The sign on the door welcomes business members, but the cashier gave a a rash of *** Costco gets a new customer


I have Costco and Sams and the only reason why I kept Sams was because of the early shopping hours.


Agreed. The only benefit for me shopping at Sam's Club vs Costco was the ability to get in early and shop quickly before the crowds came.

Charging me $100 a year for this is ridiculous. I was at the register this morning at the Folsom, CA club with $300 in purchases and to renew my membership. When they told me they had eliminated business membership, I walked and left it sitting all there.

Goodbye Sam's Club! Costco and Amazon is getting all my business now.


Had the same experience yesterday in Sharpshurg GA. Shopping in the morning.

Brought my cart up to pay and the Cashier told me I wasnt allowed to shop in the morning using my business membership. Demamded $49 to pay for plus membership to make my purchase. I left the full cart and walked out. Ibjust remewed my business membership in May 2019.

Nobody said anything about this change when I paid my mrmbership fee. I WANT MY MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUNDED!


I have been a business member for close to 27 years. I just found out I can no longer get in early unless I buy a plus membership.

That was my only reason for sticking with Sam's.

Good bye Sam's! I will now be shopping exclusively at Costco!


The same thing happened to us today. We have been business member for 15 plus years and our card still says Sam's business, now they stop us from going in early and say we need to upgrade to the plus card.

We thought about it BUT they make each employee pay that as the secondary cards are just club level. WHAT A JOKE SAM's.

I guess we are out of there as well. Hope they are happy with their decision!


I too have been a Sam's Club "Business" member for the past 28 years (since 1991), and our local club is just now beginning to implement the new changes for their "Plus" membership, which means that after being loyal business members for 28 years, we suddenly are no longer allowed to shop in the early morning hours... which is the *ONLY* part of the new Plus category that we would find beneficial....

and that alone is certainly not worth another $55/year (heck, we've been wondering if the basic $45/year level wasn't a bit too high for us!). We will definitely start looking into alternatives going forward!


Found out TODAY that my Sam's Club Business Card, no long allows me to do early morning shopping!! He'll of a way to treat 25 year customer!!

Glad BJ is a block away!! No wonder people are beginning to hate places like Sam's!!

Must do better, you could have grandfathered long term business members instead of trying to "force" them?? Some people don't take kindly to that!!


I've been a Sams business member for the past 15 years and went in early a couple of days ago only to be informed when I got to the register that it would be the "last" time I'd be "ALLOWED" to come in early without paying for the new Plus membership. It was disturbing as that was the "first" time I'd heard ANYTHING about it.

Most likely NOT renewing and CONTINUING with Costco. Shame on this company.


A business member for 29 years and not allowed the early business shopping hours unless I upgrade to a plus membership. The new Costco will open soon, I and my employees will shop early hours there!


Today I also learned that as a 30 year business member at Sam's Club I was no longer welcome to shop the "business" hours unless I upgraded my membership. Glad there is a Costco nearby because if I have to wait until 10am to shop, I would much rather go to Costco. The early hours were the only advantage to shopping at Sam's.


This is a disgraceful way to treat customers. I found out today that I will not be able to use the early hours entry in the future unless I upgrade my membership to a Plus level for additional $55.

What a rip off. I cane home, called the customer service and cancelled my membership for a full refund.

Farewell, Sam's Club. You will not be missed.


Sam's Club has completely let its business members down. I not received any notification regarding the membership policy change.

I was told at the checkout counter that I would not be able to use the early hours going forward. This level of greed and rudeness is hard to believe.

Oh well. Sam's Club is going to look many customers because of this, myself included.


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I went to Sam's club the other morning and was told that I could not use my business membership card anymore and had to upgrade for $26.00 so I left my entire basket there and left. I will not be updating my membership for me for my staff.