Randolph, New Jersey

I bought a 60"visio tv on samsclub online because the store doesn't stock it. finally 11 days later it made it to my door..I went to my local Budd Lake Sam's club the next day to buy a tv mount and I noticed they now have the tv in stock and it was 10.dollars cheaper.

I went to members desk and they say they cant give my 10. back because I bought it online...I Came home and went online and the same exact tv is on sale..I emailed members services and they said NO PRICE ADJUSTMENT after 7 days of purchase.I called M.S and they told me too bad its after 7 days, but if I wanted to pack my TV up and bring it to my club I can return it and buy it back.they give you 90 days..How *** is that? I am there almost every weekend and spend a lot of money there over the last 10 years and a billion dollar co.

cant give back 10 dollars? now it not about the money but about their dumb-*** policy.so BEWARE when buying a major Purchase.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You were okay with the price when you bought it. Why make peoples' lives ***.

Everything you've ever purchased in your life has or will go on sale.

Stop complaining, you cheap *** piece of ***! Die...please.

@***sumer Hater

Well, your name says it all! I hope you get S**wed over by retailers for the rest of your life for that Nasty venomous statement! You would deserve it!


I remember when I bought a 400 dollar wine cooler from BJs and it went onsale 2months later there was no problem at all to get 117.dollars back with just my reciept upto 90 days. my problem with Sams is they only give 7 days and I didnt even take delivery for 11 days.12 days after purchase it was onsale.bad policy


I bet it the price went up $10 you wouldn't be running in to give them an extra $10. When you bought the TV you felt the price was fair or you wouldn't have bought it.

Keep in mind that almost every electronic item you buy will go down in price at some point. Be satisfied that you got the TV you wanted at a fair price on the day you bought it.