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I purchased a battery for my Ford F150 about 1.5yrs ago which recently died. My membership has since lapsed and I no longer have a copy of my receipt.

Their customer service will not look up my account to retrieve the purchase information (for proof and date of purchase) and will not honor the warranty (full replacement for 2 years, plus pro rated up to 84 months) unless I pony up and rejoin their organization of world destruction once again. What a load!

After having learned about Wallmart's and Sam's club practices (forcing American jobs overseas and killing small town businesses) I choose to never shop or support their stores again. This is further confirmation to avoid these establishments.

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I ran into the same thing.Costco has same policy on batteries and tires.

Factor in the $45 membership price when you're pricing merchandise. If you shop there a lot anyway its not a big deal. There has never been a Sams club close to my home so its not worth the membership price. As far as I know on most other merchandise you don't need to be a member to return it with a receipt during the normal return period.

Costco retains computerized receipts on site for AT LEAST 5 years.

Sams club only 2 years.Thats a big reason not to shop at Sams.

to Load #829036

I feel the same, that current membership should NOT be required.I also fee that ALL member stores should retain 5-10 year purchase history like Costco does.

What I have done is let my membership lapse, then if I need to buy a bunch of expensive items or return something renew it.

In balance I think the Costco membership is a good deal.Since I view Sams Club as a giant Wal Mart, which is free to shop at, I don't think Sams is worth a fee.


Interesting, here is a guy saying he would not have been doing business with this organization and does not support this organization but is willing to accept their product as long as he gets it for free. If you truly feel you no longer believe in the way the do business you should feel ashamed about any products that you have in your possession that affected so many Americans and would be looking to replace them as soon as possible to prove your lack of support. Sounds like someone who doesn't believe in killing animals for their fur, but continues to keep that 4000 dollar coat they got before they found out how it was made.


I bought a LCD tv from sams club that lasted eighteen mounths I have a extended service plan from them and I am getting the run around from them every day I will never buy any thing like this again you have been worned do not trust they or the company that issues the service plan what a scam :sigh :(


I too have the same problem with Sam's Rip Off Club! Membership expired and so did the warranty on my michelin tires purchsed there. :(


It is amazing that people who I assume do not know one another would waste time saying mean and nasty things about one another.The gentleman lost his receipt.

It could happen to anyone.People do not be so mean to one another.


If you paid with a debit card or a credit card then you can get a copy of your account activity which has the purchase information. Usually stores can lookup your purchase in their database if you paid with a card.


It's it interesting that Mark forgot all about those negative things he heard about Walmart when he found out he could rejoin and have his warranty back?


I agree with Mark.It sure seems we have a few happy employees of either Sam's Club or Walmart or both (over-achiever's).

By the way, Irish, what is your deal with small children? I have read a couple of other forums about this, where you made negative comments, insinuating child-like intelligence about someone commenting in the forum.

Yes, full of run-ons, gramatical and spelling errors.Cant wait to see what age I am.


reason i let this go so long was i kinda forgot about this.i'm not attacking you per se, im attacking the character you're portraying.

it just happened you were the person who it was. also.. just because you're paying to be a member doesnt give you the right to be an ****hole. you're paying for a membership to buy items at bulk and near wholesale prices.

so after all this...i hope you'll atleast learn to keep your receipt.

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