Westland, Michigan
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I am a regular customer at Sams Club, but this has never happened in the past. I gave my credit card to the cashier and as we were placing our items in the cart, she placed my credit card face up with numbers showing on the credit card machine, in full reach of the customer who was right after me.

The person behind me was very close to me and my credit card in full showing. With all of the devices available to copy cards, I believe this is a very poor practice for the cashier to do. After I placed the items in the cart, I asked where my card was, usually they hand it to you, but this cashier just said it's there. I was shocked.

Very unhappy with this situation. Very disappointed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Watch your account very closely and check your statements. This is one way thieves get your account.

I call my cc companies several times a week to keep up with balances and I know at all times approximately what the balances are. You have to protect yourself.