5/22/2010 The Sams store in North Charleston, SC, seems to have a problem with staffing the check out lines. Today I waited 20 mins in line, Only half the check out lines were open.

I had all the items on the cart set so the items could be scaned only for the lady to say we have to transfer them to another cart. For the few items this was another waste of time. I left the crt and went to Costco. I have raised these concers with the managment in the past and each time they just blow me off.

I have been shopping there for over 10 years and these problems has only started since the present manager has taken over. In case someone has not told him there are plenty of people looking for work, Hire Them, We Are Tired Of Standing In Line. Every Saturday the store is very busy, it is just too bad the managment is to blind to see this and put more people on the lines so the customers frozen goods are not frozen anymore by the time you get to the exit.

Also the people at the door are stopping to make small talk with everyone and there's a line across the store waiting to get out. Someone at Sams get us better Managment.

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Charleston, South Carolina, United States #865973

You know you *** members always think it's the management to blame because you have to stand and wait your *** in line to check out well boo f who. First of all they are only budget for so much payroll which is not a lot for staffing, and then there is the lazy factor that you cant find dependable help to show up for work. So how about you shut your pie hole and go shop somewhere else because all your going to do is complain there as well.


Is it going to kill you if you wait in a line for a long time? Look your shopping on a Saturday, which is what?...

Yes the busiest day of the week, every store, mall has their rushes and you can't do anything about it even if all of the lines are opened.

Go shop on a slower day of the week if its that much of a problem, or go to Costco again! Next time invest in a frozen grocery bag for your frozen goods, they tend to help.

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