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the sam's club in oakwood ga has 15 registers. when the store is full of people checking out they NEVER open more registers.

even the staff that are suppose to scan your items and be ready when you get to the register don't even do what they are paid to do. they open 4 registers and peopl are waiting in lines that are 12 - 15 people deep and they still don't open more registers. it is so aggravating.

just to think that you have to stand in line for 20 and 30 minutes at a time to spend your money at there store. it's just WRONG.

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Funny, i've been a member of them and Costco for twenty years. They ALWAYS call ten items or less to all registers at membership desk, optical, photo, TMA, tobacco.

Even when they don't i go to one of the other departments and have never been turned down. Its common sense to go when its not busy if you actually use your brain. :roll

Besides, all businesses are cutting hours because this is a down economy.

I've never waited in line at Sams for more then 15 minutes and that was only during the holiday rush. Its sad that people lie about everything, they never compliment, only complain.


Waiting in line is a fact of life.I also agree that you need a crash course in spelling.


Well if this is how you write a letter, obviously your English teacher did not do a good job in teaching you proper spelling and grammar so perhaps your parents should complain about that? Also if little Jeff cannot wait for five minutes (he expected 45 but only waited 5) mommy and daddy need to get him something to occupy his time. Tell him a story ect.


What happened is you sat in line during a rush. Aside from the few top of the hour rushes in the day, the lines are dead.

This means, if you have 8 registers open during the rush, you have 8 people who are being paid to do nothing but stand during the quiet time when you only need 3 registers.

At our club, managers either line rush (pre-scan all of a member's cart) or hop on a cash register themselves to get people out as fast as possible.

Just don't shop during the busiest hours of the day. Come back an hour and a half later and it'll be quiet.


They do this in san antonio, tx sams club to. 3 lines open with 13-16 people in each line.

It is so bad I expect to wait 45 minutes in line already. I am surprised when it only takes 5 minutes. I don't complain to anyone there, because I figure they don't care. If they did they would have done something about it.

It's been over 6 months. I have stopped going there and discontinued my membership.


You know everyone just checks out at the same time...usually the lines aren't bad. I think you saying 20 to 30 minutes in line is a big exaggeration because by then you would have been mad enough to leave or to complain to a manager instead of complaining to the internet..just saying

And no one is supossed to scan your stuff before you get to the line they just do that to be nice...they are there to help the cashiers when they have register problems


Maybe we would care about our members if they weren't all complaining jerks who cuss us out every day...just because you pay for a membership you think we should be slaves! So stop complaining and go somewhere else and pay more so you can complain about that instead!!


I am sorry but we do what we are paid to do... Be in compliance, do managers work, leave our areas unattended, operate registers w/o training...

If you meant having more people helping out members FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

Our managers ask us to do paperwork, if we don't do it we get in trouble... Being a part timer and working like a full timer is not enough, even for full timers 40 hours a week is not enough!!!

Please if there is a Costco where you live at try it, Walmart Corporation is focusing in Walmart stores and leaving Sams club division unattended.


Same thing here in Wausau Wisconsin, 20 - 30 people deep and 4 registers open. Go figure