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I went to the sams club in Farmington,NM yesterday to buy one of two watches I saw last week. I tried them both on and settled on on that was marked $249.

When it came to ring it up and I had my cash in hand, it rang up at $430. I told the associate behind the counter and she did some investigating and found that was the wrong price on the watch, same brand though. She was very nice and called the manager who said, "nope I will not sell it to you for that." I was not rude, was very pleasent and said that the price was marked for $249. She said it was a mix up and walked away just leaving me standing there.

I went to a second manager and told her what happend and again please check your cameras if you don't believe me she said "prove it". There was another employee in the room and I told her I was not lying and to please call the jeweler to verify my story to which she did. Again she refused to sell me the watch. I told her that was ridiculous because if I was interested in something behind a counter that only employees have access to and the item was marked a certain price all of the sudden comes up a different price at the register is against any retail company policy to not abide by that price.

I would understand if it was a clear mistake i.e. if it was a different brand on the tag but it wasn't, it was a movado tag with a movado watch. I was really put off by the way these managers treated me with their brosque attitudes towards a customer. I have to say the associate at the jewelry desk was very nice, but unfortunantly could not do anymore than that.

I did call the company's head office and am still waiting for a response. I only hope they do the right thing by a customer and will certainly write an update.

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Update: Just received a phone call from one of the managers that was rude to me on Sat., she informed me that they would be able to sell me the watch for the $249 price. Great!

I'm happy to see that head office was able to straighten this whole thing out and hopefully will now train their managers on company policy and maybe some customer relations courses.

So now I'm out a half a tank of gas traveling 240miles, but all in all a good day and a victory for the customer. :-)Also I was able to show my girls who were with me at the store that just because someone is being rude, you don't have to stoop down to their level and when you know your right, persistance is key and you don't have to be rude and right, just right.


Update: It is now Tuesday an still have not received a call back from head office. I called yesterday and the girl told me that they indeed called back on my cell phone the same day I called in the complaint.

I said it was impossible because my cell phone records incoming and outgoing calls with the numbers. I called again this morning and told the new girl what the girl yesterday said and she said she didn't know why she said that because it shows the internal email still has not been opened.

Also all the information originally taken down was incorrect, all but my cell number. So still no resolution....