Hattiesburg, Mississippi

My wife takes care of a lady that is in a wheelchair she was at the hattiesburg ms store. she was trying to push a wheelchair and a buggy out of the store no one ask if they could help.

The local T.V. lady was leaving the store at the same time with hardly anything in he buggy. people working there pushed her buggy to her car unloaded it for her then took it back to the storm. it's not about helping people anymore it's about who you can help.

Thanks for your time WAYNE JORDAN COLLINS MS. 39428

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Delivery Service.

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First Born Triplet

It is about who you can help, if Obama came into Sam's Club they would all be jumping to help him.


Easy one to explain.....the local TV Lady was the bomb......you not so much......just stay home.


Anytime help is needed all you have to do is ask! Go the member Service desk and they can solve the problem!

they are good at that! A lot of times The associates do not want to be stalker with the members and so often do not offer assistance when perhaps they should! Sometimes it is hard to tell if people want help or not! In this case I have to say ...ask and you shall receive!

remember always they are there to help! They just do not read minds well like any of us!