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I really wanted to voice this to Sam's, but they do not make it easy to contact them. I just talked to a guy at the membership desk and he told me to call 800-Walmart and that i could leave a message about Sam's Club.

I tried that. No such option. Anyway, this past year we found Sam's to be more like a Big Lots store. Some of the items we had been buying there are no longer available.

Example: Member's Mark aspirin 1000 count. Now your choice is to buy the name brand that costs at least 6 times as much. We had bought our daughter a Hoover Cyclonic sweeper and she liked it. So we went to buy one for ourselves (and mind you this was a new stock item) less than a month later, and Sam's had gotten rid of everything Hoover.

My husband had been buying CD/DVD labels there. Now he can't find any sign of them. And then to top everything off, we bought an LCD TV there early in November and the price went down over a week later and Sam's new policy is to NOT adjust the price if it is over SEVEN DAYS since you purchased the item. Most stores will give you an adjustment within 30 days.

We've been members for years, but Sam's has been going downhill fast lately and we have no desire to re-up our membership. I'd be curious to know if Costco is going the same route, because there is a Costco practically right next to the Sam's Club in the Cincinnati area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Long Live Costco:

But the Costco in OH has bad employees also. I was visiting OH and visited a Costco there and This washed up fake old blonde woman treated me disrespectfully.

I was nothing but nice to her and I am a Freaking Executive member. That's right, a whoping 100.00 membership fee.

PS: Sams club South End Louisville KY is so bad, I stopped going there all together.


ok so first let me direct my response at the fact of u calling us *** workers.

yes there are some people that work there that dont go all out for memebers, but thats like that everywhere. so dont complain about that.

we only deal with certain problems. certain problems are dealt with accordingly. its not like we can be like, OK THIS MEMEBER WANTS THAT LET ME GO ORDER IT SPECIALLY. no thats not the way the world works. i get it, u pay for ur membership. but we have extremly low prices so get over it.

an u have to realize that if ur rude, ur not gonna get a helpful response, sorry.

if i really came up to u like, OMG IM SO PISSED MAKE MY DAY BETTER, im not gonna be nice to u. swear u wouldnt do that to some random person on the street.

just because we're in that type of work doesnt mean we're not people.

***, so get off ur high horse, grow up, and realize that ur not the center of the universe.


Yeah, Sam's is going downhill fast!! Don't have as many options, don't carry the same products from month to month, and if you inquire - they could care less.

And then there are the lines! Guessing they don't wanna pay employees.

? I won't be renewing either!


Shut up Al, shut up Irish, was not asking for your opinion.


You make up lies and don't know how most stores work. You are wrong, most stores won't give you an adjudgestment in 30 days.

You buy before the sale you are screwed, unless you return the item and repurchase it. Don't make a fool of yourself by just posting anything without knowing it, it makes you look like a *** little kid who is throwing a temper tantrum. Obviously the items you listed did not sell well, you may like them but the rest of the world does not. What you need to do is grow up and learn how the real world works.


Annino is obviosly a child who thinks the world revolves around her and does not want to live by rules and policies. If she is an adult her parents failed to raise her to follow rules and polices which is a shame because she will pass on the message to her children if she has any.


L. Annino - your words-"I have a business membership" and you bought "a very large and very expensive television". Doesn't sound like a business purchase to me.


I agree with everything you said. Sam's is fast becoming more trouble to deal with then they're worth.

I have a business membership and spend between 3 and 4 thousand bucks a month there and I had the same issue with a very large and very expensive television that went was offered at a lower price less than 10 days after purchase. When I complained I was told by a long time employee to just return it. When they offer to give you another set say no and take the money or store credit instead. Then re-purchase a new one for lesser amount.

Or better yet, wait a few days and you'll be able to purchase your original set as an opened box item at a deeply discounted price. Its a shame it comes to all this but Sam's has nobody to blame but themselves. They spend millions on advertising and then once they get us in their stores they treat you like *** with their customer “NO SERVICE” then, they make you feel like a criminal with all their surveillance cameras watching every step you take and. Finally, at the checkout they hold you, and everyone else standing behind you up while they go through every garment pocket and, then they open every box, jar or pail of whatever else you bought to make sure you haven’t hidden a washing machine inside.

Yep, I don’t blame anyone for dumping them.

Costco is my new choice for bulk buying. They might cost a few cents more per item, (very few cents) but their policies are much less offensive.




Hello, dont get me wrong, I am here to complain about Sams Club too, but I couldt help but make a comment to you. I understand your dilemma.

I find that they discontinue things often. You made a comparison to Big Lots. well, they operate exactly the same. Big Lots, Sams and Costco all maintain the lowest prices on things by buying things at the lowest pricees.

Manufacturers offer them exclusively low prices on a certain run of an item. Once that "good deal" is gone, then they make another purchase. sometimes its of the same items, like your Hoover sweeper you mentioned, but if Eureka offers a better price on a similar sweeper, then Sams will buy those instead. Its usually because that orignal exclusive price on that Hoover is done with Sams, and now Hoover is offering the better price to Costco for the next period.

Big Lots does the same thing, only in last run itesm , where sams and Costco do it in first run new stock items. As for thier own "Members Mark" stuf, i totally agree, I do get tired of seeing the Members Mark stuff coming and going. My main beef ith Sams club is the help. The people that work there are so hit and miss.

Some are really good, then they dissappear. It seems that the good ones move on to better paying jobs at Best Buy or specialty shops. The *** employees stay at Sams for years and offer the same lackluster assistance for eternity!

Crazy! I own a business, I get rid of bad employees and keep/reward the good ones!