I've used Sams Club for several years now and haven't had any problems. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can have a problem with Sams.

What's up with this? Sam's is a self-help store with great prices and high-end products. I don't shop there, I buy there. And I buy there for the prices.

If I want "help" or service with a smile, I go to a store with floor sales personnel. Especially if the sales person gets a commission or bonus. Get great service, but you'll pay more for that service. Usually I don't need help.

I know what I want, what it costs at other places and so I go to Sams, get what I came for and leave. I don't expect a "salesperson" to help me beyond pointing out where the TV's are. People seem to want champagne at bottled water prices and a waiter to open the bottle for them.

I'll continue to use SAMS for items that they have low prices on. Thanks, SAM

Mike Dollfus

Mike Dollfus

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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