Fort Wayne, Indiana

I worked for Sam's Club for four years as a cashier. Everyone who is mad about their customer service has a reason to be.

When I started working for Sam's Club I was genuinely happy to deal with customer's problems and assist anywhere that my club needed me. I was always punctual and friendly. However, after years of no promotion and little pay; My attitude started to become "worn down"

I'm not saying that being rude to a complete stranger is acceptable, but you never know what that person is dealing with in their life. I could've quit Sam's Club, but after a few years of service (and a kid to raise) you feel like you need the job.

It seems I am getting off track so, Sam's club does have horrible service because I've witnessed it first hand and have even been a culprit of the act. The COSes (assistant manger type people) are even worse. These people would tell us to transfer from cart to cart (flatbed to flatbed and do not let anyone use another's membership. Then when we had angry members who did not want to follow this policy the Coses would come over and do the exact opposite of what they told us to do. (that last part might be a bit confusing) Basically, the COSes would make us look like the jacka$$es because now the member is getting exactly what they wanted, and the cashier looks *** for enforcing the rules the managers set forth, only to have the managers and assistant managers break them.

I'm glad I do not work for Sam's Club any longer. I decided to go back to school and I am now studying Criminal Justice. I do thank Sam's Club for being such a horrible job it made me want to go back to school.

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so look what sams gave you: motivation to go back to school!

#120108 right! I worked in the meat department and had to train our team leader who also had less experience at sam's than I did!

Did you get that? I trained him! I was simply the meat wrapper and got paid little for my efforts.

I worked my but off for sam's for one year and six months (as a cashier, a produce associate, then finally, a meat wrapper). I'm in school again studying to be an accountant, and I will never work for sam's club again!


I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to work for Sam's but quit 2 years ago.

The management isn't paid well so they hire anyone off the street without experience. Corporate from Arkansas only cares how much money will be sent to Bentonville and nothing about member service.

They are always crying "cut payroll" so there's nobody working in these large stores. I'm glad I'm out of that place.