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To whom it may concern:

I placed an order online with Sam's Club for the 65" Vizio LED that they had on promotion for the Black Friday week. Their online ad said that they would start selling online at 11 PM on Wednesday 11/21/12.

The item became available about 5min before 11PM and I placed the order online. The order was processed successfully, I received the confirmation by email and they took the money from my bank account. For my surprise I wake up on Friday 11/23/12 (Black Friday) and I see that I received an email on 11/22 at 11:31 PM saying that my order was canceled for high demand and no inventory. I went to the store but it was too late since they only had 6 units per store.

Not only that, but once I got home I saw that the money was still not returned to my account. So not only I lost black Friday (since I had placed the order, received confirmation and Sam's Club took the money out of my account I did not go looking for another TV), I also cannot even try to buy another TV because Sam's Club still have my money. I called them to see if they could help me but all they could do is tell me that the TV was out of stock and that they opened a ticket and I would receive a call or email next week. I specifically opened a membership with Sam's Club because of this deal and I am very disappointed.

I don't understand how a "big" store like Sam's Club can allow this to happen. If they cannot come up with a solution, I will never trust Sam's Club again and would not recommend their online website to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I also had the same problem , 65" sharp tv , the item is still on line showing available after ordering it they sent me an email saying they didn't have it in stock.... really disappointed with them....


I placed an online order of 813151 HP notebook at 12:02 am EST on 24 NOV 2016 at . I got order confirmation they charged my card as well, also i called the customer care on 25 NOV to check all are well, she told me that all are set, order is processed and i will get it by 2 Dec 2016.

Now on 26 NOV morning i got email from sams club that my order is been cancelled, i call the cust.

service and she told me that they are now out of stock and i wont be charged, but when i told her the i already charged and how come you charge without committed to give product to customer, then she told me that i will get refund. LOL

When i googled for the same issue, i found so many members faced same.

Even you can get article on huffingtonpost.

It looks like samsclub ruine the shopping tradition of Black Friday event this year. Even 813151 is no longer holding on the site, usually you can see the item and they show it ran out of stock but total blackout of listing indicates some big blunder. This even raised few serious questions: 1.

Are you committed to your members? 2. Does it worth it to spend 45$/100$ for plus membership? 3.

How come you charge your member without checking that you dont have a product to give? 4. How come cust. care are not accepting the Black Friday blunder?

5. How come it take 2 days to tell your customer that you are out of stock? specially online order and in the e-commerce world. 6.

should member's trust the online system?

Now all deals are gone, now even no one can go to other store and get the deal on same sort of product. In that case How you will fulfill you commitment to the member going through the same situation?


I ordered a laptop from Staples on 11/26/16, then found a better deal on Sam's Club website and placed an order for the laptop on 11/27/16 with a 2 year protection plan.

I returned the laptop I received from Staples, knowing the laptop from Sam's was a better deal and I would be receiving it shortly.

Lo and behold.....3 DAYS LATER, I receive an email stating my order has been cancelled due to insufficient inventory. I'm very upset now !

They are not willing to sell me a comparable computer for the price I would have paid.

I already returned the Staples computer and I had to call to have the 2 year protection plan refunded back to me on a computer I no longer was receiving.

Very frustrated and disappointed and upset.

I should not have been able to add it to a shopping cart if it was not available !!!!

I have been a member since 1996 - lesson learned the hard way !!!!!!!!


Just got my replacement tv after calling 4x to cs to get the tv ordered and the tv is broken in transit before it got to my house... they probably sent an already damaged tv to me so they would not have to fill the order at that price


I ordered the WII online last Thursday. I got the order confirmation and it was charged to my card but havent recieved the shipping email.

So i looked at my order status today and they cancelled it. I called and they said they cancelled because they were out of stock.. WTF? They didnt even call or email me to let me know they cancelled, but told me they could call me when they got more in stock.

So they dont call to tell me they cancelled my order but i am suppose to believe they will call to let me know i can get another. RIGHT...


same here... got an email they would have same tv and contact me early next week to purchase tv at same price...magically found stock ... coff coff walmart...


I was interested in purchasing a 65" vizio TV from the Sams Club online early black Friday sale. I called them a few days before to find out how to purchase from the sale and was told to log on to the site early (before 10:00 PMCST Tuesday nite) and be ready to place an order when the sale prices show up. I went on to the site at 9:40 PM and saw the Vizio TV price was reduced to the sale price of $998. I loaded in my cart and went to check out. I entered credit card info and checked out. A short time later I received a confirmation email and also saw that my credit card had a pending charge of the purchase price and tax. GREAT,I had my TV! Well, not so quick. Today, Thanksgiving day, I checked the order status to see when it would ship and found Sams had cancelled the order! Credit card charge still pending!

Now I find out Sams had some problems with their web site, it crashed after I purchased my TV. When I called their customer service phone number and entered the order number to find out what was going on the system hung up on me, twice! Tonight I received a email from Sams saying they oversold the TV and they are going to try to find a replacement in the next few days, they would be in contact. They also said I could stand in the cold and snow for hours here in ND long before sunrise to see if I could get one of the few at the local Sams when they open for Black Friday sale at 7:00 AM. I don't think so!

I have been a customer of Sams Club for many years and I will give them a chance to make this right. From their Facebook I can see they have angered and upset many many customers. I see this is an opportunity for Sams Club to do the right thing and honor all the orders they said they filled the night of the web crash. They still have my money.


Same thing happened to me ... but I didn't find out until today.

this is total B.S.

... Sams should honor their commitment by providing at a minimum, a comparable TV at the same price!


This happened to me and many others. Just check the Sam's Club Facebook page.


Me too. Wonder if there's enough of us for a class action.


Same *** happened to me!